Congressional Dems Oppose AWB in Letter

NRA is reporting more good news today.  Sixty five Democratic members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter to Eric Holder opposing the reinstatement of the Assault Weapons Ban.  Just to run the math for you, there are 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives under the 111th Congress.  It takes 218 votes to pass a bill.  That means with 65 Democrats on record as opposing a renewal of the ban, we can afford to lose 28 deadbeat Republicans on the vote, and Pelosi still would not have a majority to pass a renewal.

This gives us a pretty good indication that getting a ban passed in the 111th Congress is going to be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible for Obama to pull off.  Great work on the part of Congressman Mike Ross, and great work on behalf of NRA for getting this together.  It would be awfully nice for our main complaint about the 111th Congress to be that they didn’t do enough for us, rather than what they did to us.

But that’s not to say with this pass snowed out, they won’t try to find another way over the mountain.  We still have plenty of enemies in Congress and in the White House.

UPDATE: Letter here

13 thoughts on “Congressional Dems Oppose AWB in Letter”

  1. This is great news. I am impressed by the wording of the letter — it is not just mealy-mouthed boilerplate.

    E.g., “The gun control community has intentionally misled many Americans into believing these weapons are fully automatic machine guns.” … “These are commonly owned firearms throughout the country.” [Hello, Heller decision!] “Law-abiding Americans use these guns for all the same reasons they use any other kind of gun — competitive shooting, hunting, and” [wait for it] “defending their homes and families.”

    Big ups to the 65 Democratic Representatives who signed the letter!

    Michael Bane’s blog comments: “Hey Michael Steele … what’s in YOUR wallet??”

  2. Well my rep isn’t the 100% scumbag I thought him to be since he signed this. I’d still prefer someone else to be up there but at least he is/pretends to be on our side on this…

  3. I am happy to see AZ CD 1 member of congress Ann Kirkpatrick listed on this letter. I ran against her in 2008 and given how common it is for candidates to lie about their RKBA principles this given me a little faith that there are some people who believe what they say during campaign season.

  4. I am relieved to see that 65 Democrats are afraid of losing their office in the next election! Make no mistake. Most of them are only doing this because the fear the reprisal at the ballot box. Nonetheless, it is great news. Up yours, Obama. The 65 just saved every non-revolver, and many, many rifles with magazines. Thank you, NRA. I just re-upped my membership, and will never let it lapse.

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