A Quick Unscientific Sampling

On the way in from work, spotting on people’s lawns in the Fort Washington/Blue Bell area of Montgomery County, PA:

  • 1 Obama Sign
  • 5 McCain Signs
  • 1 Allyson Schwartz Sign (Democrat Incumbent Congresscritter)
  • 3 Kate Harper signs (Repub. State Rep)

Based on signage, things are looking good for McCain at least in some parts of the Philadelphia suburbs.  Based on signage in general, I think McCain has the edge, and that’s a good sign of where the passion is, even if it’s not scientific.

12 thoughts on “A Quick Unscientific Sampling”

  1. I’ve noticed more McCain and Mannion signs than Obama and Murphy signs in my travels around central Bucks county.

  2. I’m noticing something similar in the Allentown / Bethlehem / Easton area. Although I haven’t counted – I’m certainly seeing more McCain signs than O’bama.

    Annoyingly, I have received a ton of gigantic, full color, mutli-page junk mail from the O’bama campaign in the last week. I think they may have even out done the NRA mailings this month ;-).

    I haven’t received a single mailed piece of campaign advertisement / literature from McCain / Palin.

  3. What’s your voter registration, Skullz? That will probably play into what kind of mail you’re getting. On top of that, there may be polling that shows your county could be swayed.

  4. Last election cycle, I counted Kerry / Bush bumper stickers on the way home as a very, very unscientific poll. Most of the stickers were simply anti-Bush instead of Pro-Kerry, but it was interesting to see.

    I’ve been mentally doing the same thing, and before Palin was announced, it was all O’man, all the time. Now, for every Obama sticker I see, there’s 2 or 3 McCain Palin stickers (I’ve yet to see an Obama Biden sticker).

    Then, yesterday I realized that all the Obama stickers I’ve seen are the same cars over and over. Plus, I’ve only seen 1 Obama yard sign, but plenty of McCain ones.

    Sadly, I still cannot get excited over McCain. I find myself shying away from political arguments because I cannot defend the guy with anything other than “Obama sucks”. I now know how Kerry supporters must have felt in 04. Yes, I like Palin, but she’s not running for the top spot, McCain is.

    I just don’t want Obama in the white house. The man fears freedom of speech as well as the right to keep and bear arms, who knows what other amendments he’ll toss to the wayside when he grabs the reigns of power.

  5. I’m registered Independent, as is my wife. As far as I know, my entire neighborhood is all registered Republican – at least the 10 neighbors I know well enough are.

    It would not suprise me if O’bama thinks he can turn Northampton blue. The number of NY / NJ flight to this area surged over the last 5 years – enough to turn Forks twsp (one a heavily Republican farming community) blue.

    I also had a visit from an O’bama campaign volunteer this weekend. She didn’t stay long after I invited her into my garage where I was cleaning my AK after returning from the range :-)

  6. That’s why you’re being targeted. Interestingly, we’ve only gotten one piece from Obama this last week. But maybe he’s more sure of this area.

  7. It’s kind of funny–here in Texas, I have only seen Obama signs and bumper stickers. A Martian might be forgiven for thinking Texas will vote Dem. The reality, of course, is that there is an implied McCain (or Palin) sign in all of the other yards!

  8. Yes, I second Karen: In Dallas, I’ve only seen two McCain bumper stickers this fall, plus one “OBAMA: NOPE” sticker parodying his Hope ones. I haven’t seen a lot of yard signs for either candidate. I was in my hometown last week (in 2004, it went 84% Bush), and noticed a lot of yard signs for local candidates, but almost none for national candidates. There were a few McCain ones, but it was nothing like the 2000/2004 ones for Bush.

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