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From Michael Bane:

I see that Republican weasel Michael Steele will speak at the NRA Convention…this is the same Michael Steele who spoke out in favor of a new AWB. The first words out of his mouth better be, “Members of the NRA…I am profoundly sorry for my ill-advised comments on laws banning the most popular firearms in America…accordingly, I hereby commit the Republican Party to unconditional support for the Second Amendment and gun rights in America…”

As many of you know, I parted ways with a lot of gun people over Steele as GOP Chairman, but mostly because his past positions on guns wasn’t really all that germane to his position as party chair.  That’s a distinctly different thing than Steele being invited to speak at the NRA Annual Meeting.  I agree with Michael that he better be coming to mend fences, otherwise I’m going to question the sanity of those who thought he’d be a good speaker for such an important NRA function.

As Michael pointed out Monday, we’re one of the only tools left in the GOP’s tool belt that’s still sharp and useful.  We deserve better than we’ve gotten out of Republicans in the past.

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  1. And here I thought you’d be happy that I chose not to pick this battle after opening up my magazine and saying a slightly longer version and more profanity laced, “WTF?”

    Seriously, I would say this was a big mistake on their part unless he does publicly address how he’s been wrong on the issue before and it is his goal to recruit more pro-RKBA candidates for the GOP.

    If he’s not planning on doing that, I think they picked a stupid can of worms to open when it comes to criticism about being a wing of the Republican Party without thought to positions on the issues. (I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just saying they giving those detractors more evidence.) I made an effort to highlight the Dems who have been invited to speak when I was putting together the next Blog Bash post. Sad to see it may be for nothing if the tone of the meeting is “Rah-Rah Republicans – and please ignore our gun banning ways!”

  2. Yep. I did a double take too.

    Steele had better be coming to declare his change of heart on modern defensive rifles, and his new zeal for promoting and protecting 2A rights.

    We shall see.

  3. It’s time for his Baptism in the River. He’d better have a Come-To-Jesus moment and speak in a new Tongue under the NRA Tent… Condie Rice could easily do better, guns saved her father’s Church.

  4. I would so love to have Condi Rice there. If they would invite her and ask her to wear the infamous boots, I would be content.

  5. My first response upon opening the mnagazine and seeing Steele listed was that the NRA served Nancy Pelosi and Chuch Schumer a fantastic rallying point – that the NRA is synonymous with the GOP

    Seems to me that the NRA would have been MUCH BETTER SERVED to have invited a Democrat like Max Baucus or John Tester or Mike Ross to come and speak.

    Dems are in charge, lets show them some love.

  6. I’m with you there, Countertop. When I was putting together the post for the Bash site tomorrow on the named invited speakers I have found so far, there were only two Dems – Dan Boren & Heath Shuler. I know we can do better than that. I was specifically appalled by the lack of Democratic Senators. (Granted, the only publicly named invited one I’ve found so far is John Thune, but we can assume that pro-gun members of Arizona’s delegation have been invited.)

    I did say on Twitter today that they should invite one other Republican – Jason Chaffetz. He’s proud of his rating, and he called Stephen Colbert’s gun Sweetness. That is awesome. Embrace the younger generation, NRA!

  7. I agree with Countertop. Time to show lots of love to the Dems that support us. In this latest dust up over spent brass, what Senators came to our aid?

    Was it the two Georgia Republican Senators where Georgia Arms is located and who brought this issue to light? Nope! They were too busy at the country club.

    Our two saviors were two Democrats from Montana. When the chips were down, the Republicans ignored us but the Dems did not. Seems like the Dems want our vote, unlike the Republicans who take it for granted while stabbing us in the back for these past 8 years. For example:

    1) Bush saying he will sign the AWB
    2) Bush’s solictor general opposing gun rights in Heller
    3) Unleashing an aggressive ATF on America.

  8. And what of those three listed sins has Obama either not committed already or will he be unlikely to commit? Oh yeah, none of them. (Except when he calls for an AWB, it will be business, not political sidestepping like with Bush.)

    I agree that the Dems deserve more over this, but I think you go too far in throwing individual Republicans under the bus.

    The reason it’s been two Democratic Senators leading these charges is because they have more sway than the GOP does at this point. Face it, Dems control the House, Senate, and Administration – with new Democratic appointees filling the various federal agencies. Who better to send into battle to stop these issues before they get out of hand than a couple of Dems.

  9. I agree “the O” holds a similar position as Bush BUT the NRA didn’t endorse and mobilize for “the O”. It endorsed, mobilized, and spent considerable sums of money working to get Bush and McCain elected. In return, the gun community got paid back with Michael Sullivan and his aggressive pursuit of gun dealers. I’ll speculate that the DOD decision was done by a Bush appointee and not an “O” appointee.

    My Senators (Issakson, Chambliss) would never lobby on behalf of gun owners when Bush was in office. We made specific pleas for their help with the Solitor General brief and to force Sullivan out. They flat out refused.

    Right now here in Georgia, our Republican Lt. Gov (casey cagle) won’t allow any pro-gun legislation to proceed through the GA Senate. He is actively opposing all pro-gun bills. No bill can move even if it has bi-partisian support. He will likely be endorsed by the NRA when he runs for Gov. because he is a Republican.

    My big point is that the NRA is too tied in with the Republicans. Republicans think we have no where to go and perhaps we don’t. BUT …. they need to fear that we won’t support them in the future, unless they deliver. Otherwise, they’ll continue to pay us lip service, much like the speech Michael Steele will give.

  10. Bush did what we needed him to do, which was appoint Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. If NRA had let Al Gore or John Kerry win to make a point to the Republicans, we’d be utterly screwed right now.

    And because Obama won instead of McCain, we could still end up losing over the long run if we get a hostile Supreme Court. Heller was 5-4, all it takes is one of those 5 to die or retire over the next 4 to 8 years, and we’re screwed. Two of those 5 are over 70.

  11. Please note that 1/2 of the 4 were nominated by ……. wait for it …… Republicans. Stevens nominated by Ford. Souter nominated by Bush 1

    This is another illustration that the Republicans have been very unfaithful to our cause.

    We need to add competition for our vote. Inviting a Dem for a keynote speech would be a good start.

  12. I really do hope they open up some more PRIME headlining spots to quality Democrats.

    Heck, there a slew of ’em right in Pennsylvania. John Tester (D-mt) is a great guy, and would fit in fine at any NRA event. Colin Peterson (D-MN) has as much control over lands policy and hunting as anyone, AND he fronts a band called the 2nd Amendments.

    Jim Webb (D-VA) is terrific on the 2nd Amendment. Better than pretty much, well, everyone.

    There are many many many more.

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