More Ground Preperation

Not having had much luck with the trial balloon last week, the media would appear to be stepping up the story:

U.S. officials acknowledge that U.S. gun laws are partly to blame. The 1994 ban on the sale of assault weapons like AK-47s in the U.S. led to a decrease of such weapons south of the border. But the ban expired in 2004, and the numbers in Mexico spiked. Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration would seek to reinstate the ban. Contributing to the problem is the fact that Mexico’s customs control is famously weak, and authorities rarely check inbound traffic from the U.S.

I think it is very interesting that the Brady Campaign has not commented on Mr. Holder’s statements publicly.  Why?  Quite likely because they understand what the consequences of it were.  It can successfully be classified as a “gaffe” which distracted the Administration from its legislative agenda, and angered enough Congresspeople that now Brady has to deal with a total repeal of D.C.’s ridiculous gun laws.

Not much hope/change for the Bradys yet.  They are still on the defensive.   But for how long?

UPDATE: They did make a release on it.  I must have missed it.

7 thoughts on “More Ground Preperation”

  1. Holy Smokes!

    The Media actually admits that Mexico had loosely Border control is extremely poor.

    After what I experience, I get all fired up when I hear people blame our gun laws.

  2. I’ve seen this story in several places – I’m convinceed it’s total bull. If I’m a Mexican druglord, I’m not going to pay $2k a pop for U.S. made semi-autos.

    I’m going to look further south for full-auto AK’s, FAL’s, and G3’s floating Central and South America that can be had for far less cash.

  3. “The 1994 ban on the sale of assault weapons like AK-47s in the U.S. led to a decrease of such weapons south of the border.”

    I’d really like to see the study that produced that statement. I’m sure Mexico, that bastion of accountability, can produce those numbers for us.

  4. I guess that if all or at least most of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels MUST come from the US that that means that most of the illicit drugs are coming from the US as well. The media is full of dumbasses and marxists. “Drugs come from South America, because of lax enforcement and controls, and guns come from the US because of lax enforcements and controls.” and n’er the twixt shall meet.

  5. I failed to mention …

    I suspect the attmpts to tie justification for further infringment of second amendment rights to issues of failed border control, and failed enforcement of myriad existing federal gun laws will backfire on the anti-gun rights crowd.

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