Simple Political Action

Countertop has an excellent post describing how gun owners often miss an opporuntity for even simple political action.  In regards to an issue poll sent out by his local state representative:

Well, there were somewhere between 569 and 580 surveys responded to. Its a pathetic rate. But then, there is only a small pool of people (especially in a transient area like this) who pay attention to local politics. On most issues, its tough to get a sense of where the area is. Views on taxes run the gamut, and include plenty of conservative and liberal positions as well as those incorporate a little of both. Same with transportation. On many of the questions significant numbers of people simply responded “I need more info.” On one, dealing with energy, 27.9% responded they needed more info.

And what was the result on the gun issue?

Now, 571 people responded to the question. I know the NRA has at least that many members in his district. And VCDL too. Heck, my local gun club has that many, not to mention the local Republican party.

500 people responded yes. Thats 87.6%.
Only 48 people responded No, a paltry 8.4%.

Folks, I can’t hold Jim Scott’s gun banning ways against him anymore. He’d be a fool to be anything but a gun banner. We have no business complaining about his votes when in a District with diverse views on everything else, nearly 90% of his constituents who care are against our gun rights. Until the large gun rights crowd in McLean makes their voice heard, his votes fall on their inactive hands.

Read the whole thing.  It’s a continual frustration that even the simplest of actions aren’t undertaken by gun owners.  The vast majority won’t lift their fingers to do much for their gun rights.  Even most NRA members pay their 35 dollars a year to Fairfax and figure their rights are taken care of.  NRA is merely our agents.  Creating a beneficial political climate NRA can work in is our responsibility as members.  There’s a reason that all these years later, NRA is stll using the slogan “I am the NRA!” because it’s true.

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