More Lawsuits Against National Park Rule

Looks like the National Association of Park Rangers is also going to file suit to keep the new rule from going into effect.  I have to admit, I’m little miffed at the Bush Administration for not getting this rule change done sooner.  I think the strategy of our opponents is to run the clock out, until they can deal with an administration who won’t fight that hard for the change.  If it can get thrown out on a legal technicality, then that’s it.  There will be no time or desire to rework a different rule.  If the rule change gets reversed, Bush will still have taken media heat for the rule, but we won’t have gotten it.  No one will be happy, except perhaps the Brady Campaign.

2 thoughts on “More Lawsuits Against National Park Rule”

  1. This is a showboat ,pretentious lawsuit. This is done by liberal interest groups to prove how relevant they actually still are. There is a good opportunity here for some conservatives (hello……Palin!) to file some nice Amicus briefs that will challenge the forces of darkness. I believe either way that this ruling will be reversed by Obama within his first term. I would just prefer for him to show his hand while doing it.

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