Brady Head Bashing

I highlighted this article at the end of the previous post, but I thought it was interesting enough to point it out in a separate one. I absolutely love reading passages like this:

“I think the Obama administration has been loathe to act on anything — or say anything — related to guns,” Chad Ramsey of the Brady Campaign told TPMMuckraker. “The administration has said almost nothing about the gun issue since Obama took office.”

Despite several attempts last week, TPMMuckraker was unable to get a White House official to respond to requests for comment about their priorities on gun control. Likewise, the Brady Campaign has tried to have a number of meetings with Obama administration officials, but “hasn’t had much luck,” Ramsey said.

So the Administration won’t even meet with them. No wonder they are upset. In other news, this is the first I’ve heard of Chad Ramsey. He must be a new hire, perhaps to replace Doug Pennington, a previous Brady spokesperson, who I think left to go work with unions. We wish him luck, as we do all Brady staffers who move on to other issues.

We legitimately did fear the worst from Obama, but it seems clear his passion for gun control was an inch deep, and not that much more wide. It has been one pleasant surprise from this Administration. Nontheless, he still put Kagan and Sotomayor on the high court at a time when increasing pro-Second Amendment votes on the Court is critical. In that respect, I think the Brady folk have been unduly harsh on him. We’re still one heart beat away from Obama being able to indirectly undo the worst thing that has ever happened to the gun control movement.

5 thoughts on “Brady Head Bashing”

  1. Please… speaking as a Chicagoan who’d watched the Community Organizer since he bullied his way into the Illinois legislature, you may be assured that his antipathy towards firearms and civilian possession thereof- any firearms- is as deep as the social justice gene that begets it.
    He’s on record as insisting that he does not believe that civilians must not possess firearms. At all.
    Axelrod’s common-sense approach to gun control, having seen the Clintonian error known as the Assault Weapons Ban, is to lay low.
    Nothing more.

  2. And… an apology for the inadvertent double-negative in the above post.
    Apparently this topic so fills me with negativity I have to constantly express it.

  3. Watch out for a sneak attack. He WILL try to ban guns if he thinks he can get away with it!!
    Paul in Texas

  4. “We legitimately did fear the worst from Obama, but it seems clear his passion for gun control was an inch deep, and not that much more wide.”

    I dunno, I think our fears were VERY real, and we moved on those fears. Obama attempted to resurrect the AWB, both by digging up the old VPC bullshit, but also with the Mexican Gun Canard, but we were buying guns and ammo and getting together in protests and meetings.

    I think he saw the writing on the wall and sat on his hands.

    I think a LOT of politicians have some bold dreams that they don’t talk about or act on because the time isn’t right.

    I certainly think it would be stupid to consider Obama a fair-weather gun-banner.

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