6 thoughts on “Media Bias by Fox 11 in California”

  1. I ought to send pictures of my gun storage to Mr. Laskos. It’s divided into “scoped” and “unscoped”. I don’t know which would leave a bigger load in his Depends since the “unscoped” rifles far outnumber the “scoped” rifles. Doesn’t even include antiques.

    So if 15 is an “arsenal” and I take that many out for a day, then I still have roughly another “arsenal” at home. Do I revert to “double arsenal” status when I come home?

    Alas, Maryland has similar “peaceable journey” laws for regulated handguns like California. New Jersey is worse though.

    The reporter is a bigoted tool.

  2. I second Oakenheart’s oopinion, with the caveat that he not stop at just one (or one dozen, even)

    Also, in this post-metrosexual world, what kind of public figure appears on television wearing a pink tie, and sky-blue shirt with white collars? Someone alert the fashion police…we have a multiple felon on the loose !!!

  3. I made sure to send a polite e-mail to the station expressing my disgust at the slop they considered “journalism”.

  4. Thank you for all of your support, I would ask that those of you that are in the position to help me defend myself do so as I am now out 75K in bail and lawyers and out about 80k in hardware.

    Calgun has set up a defense fund for me. thank you again for all of your support….

    Matt, I to had my collection set up in a similar fashion from scoped to hunting to personal protection, they are all gone now..

    How am to protect my family if someone wants to do a home invasion type robbery( i live in a up scale neighborhood)

    and how does a man protect his family from those who are sworn to protect him?????

    all of the donations are tax deductable and would be a great help in this trying time for me and my family.

    Phil Dominguez

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