Protesting the Military in San Diego

sandiegorotcA group calling themselves Project on Youth and Non-Military Opportunities (YANO) has their collective panties in a bunch over the JROTC program in San Diego schools.  Apparently they are offended about lessons in safe and responsible gun handling.  You can see the image that offends them so much to the right.

Even better than their inability to distinguish street violence from military training in a safe and controlled environment is the fact that their “Related Information” section features a link to the Onion.  Unfortunately, the Education Not Arms organizers do not appear to be satirists.

13 thoughts on “Protesting the Military in San Diego”

  1. Wow, those are really nice air rifles! Those are some lucky kids being taught on such great equipment.

  2. Big font warning at the article. I suppose people think big fonts make for an argument when PSH starts to fail.

  3. “The Militarization of Our Youth: They’re Targeting You”

    How’s that “educating” going? Are we turning out smarter, or dumber, students? Do they actually get punished for skipping school? It’s funny, when children in years gone past dropped out of school they could get a job. They became productive members of society. Today, they drop out and sell drugs, join gangs, rob cheat steal because it’s the easy answer.

    If you think that our “education” system is working you need a baseball bat upside the head repeatedly. There might be a few exceptions, but they’re very few and far between.

    Let’s take a look at something else…what are they doing with sex ed? Seems all the government pedophiles are teaching them younger and younger. Students are being taught sex ed elementary school, they’re pushing to get it down in kindergarten!

    These ignorant cows and parasites need to STFU! Is there anything that hasn’t gone completely ass backwards and been corrupted in this God damned world?

  4. Geez………..more like “Re-Education Not Arms.” What a bunch of sheep. Bahhhhhhhh!!!


  5. I guess these anti-military folks in San Diego would rather see their schools paying “former” gang members to run anti-gang programs than host the JROTC. Look how well that idea has worked for Los Angeles – the “former” gang members are still getting arrested for major crimes like aggravated assault and armed robbery while getting their paychecks from the city.

  6. They tried to pull this shit in San Fran and got away with it…fuckers…

  7. They seem to forget that there really is no binding tie to the military with JROTC…

    and safety training with guns…is no different than driver’s ed, or even with mommy and daddy teaching you how to cook and cut the veggies.

    Hint for all the lefties out there – that involves two weapons: a stove, and, GASP, a KNIFE!

  8. “[JROTC] are not required to include weapons training, yet many of them have [b]high-powered pellet gun ranges[/b] on school grounds.”

    Does a projectile launcher exist that doesn’t inspire “ZOMG! High-powered fifity-caliber .357 magnum bullet hose w/ high-capacity assault clips spray firing from the hip!!1!” among the anti’s?

  9. For quite a while now, I’ve opined that firearms training should be taught at the high school, if not middle school, level. My reasoning is simple: as a gun owner, I’m tired of kids killing their friends and neighbors because they just didn’t know that a gun wasn’t safe because the magazine was removed, or some similarly simple (to you and me) failure that could’ve saved a life. Without the politics, without the hype, THAT ALONE is enough reason to teach the danger of firearms. Then, whether you choose to own firearms or not, at least you know how to deal with them should you encounter one.
    The problem, as I see it, is that you can’t get past that hype…it really is a phobia with some people, and inspires a totally irrational fear. I try to invite people to the range just to begin that sort of education and get them thinking, rather than just reacting with this instinctive sort of terror. But sometimes even that fails, and I’m at a loss how to deal with that. It’s frustrating and disappointing to me, to say the least.

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