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When did John Boehner grow a spine?

The day before the crucial vote in the House, Minority Leader John Boehner told his troops that the Republican Party is no longer a bureaucracy. “He took us by the throat and told us, ‘You’re no longer the majority, stop acting like it,’” a senior Republican told me about the run up to the vote. “‘If you’ve got an idea, get it on MSNBC. This is an entrepreneurial insurgency.’ He was kicking the ball around. He wants everyone involved. If there’s an amendment, he told us to offer it. If you have 48 seconds for YouTube, get it up there. Get busy and resist in every instance.”

More please.  Of course, this also leads to the depressing conclusion that I like Republicans out of power more than I like them in power.

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  1. I would find all of this a lot more encouraging if I thought they actually meant any of this on principle instead of just biding their time till they get another turn at the trough.

  2. What did he grow a spine? Where have you been? Where were you when Boehner led Republicans onto the floor of the House every day during recess, calling for a lift of the drilling ban, while the Democrats were all at Starbucks?

  3. Of course, this also leads to the depressing conclusion that I like Republicans out of power more than I like them in power.

    Actually, THAT is the quote of the day. :-)

  4. rightwingprof:

    I appreciate Boehner’s stand on drilling, but when gas prices were foremost on everyone’s mind, and polling showed overwhelming support, I wouldn’t classify being pro-drilling as particularly brave.

    Getting the entire delegation to hold together on this was not only difficult, it is a risky gamble for the Republican Party, who are now essentially betting Obama’s stimulus will blow up in his face. It is a principled gamble that we will not big government our way out of this problem. Whether or not the stimulus works, if it’s perceived to work, the Republicans will be on the wrong side of history. In short, I have to conclude they did it because it was the right thing to do. That’s the Republican Party I knew.

  5. Sebastion,

    Boehner has been holding the left wing anti war to the fire on votes letting them hang themselves the last two years. He and Mcconnel have been stopping the Democrats from 2006 onward on most of the important votes.

    This is not the first time. he had a spine all the time. Maybe you did not pay attention.
    This was an easy vote. It was the new whip Cantor that made it unanimous. He is a good upcoming GOP politician.

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