Another Mayor Indicted

This time it’s the Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Eddie Perez:

Mayor Eddie A. Perez will be arrested on bribery charges at a state police barracks this morning, theresult of a 15-month grand jury investigation into possible corruption at Hartford City Hall.

Perez and his attorney, Hubert J. Santos, said Monday that they believe the charges are related to $20,000 in kitchen and bathroom renovations done on the Hartford mayor’s home by contractor Carlos Costa.

Well, at least this time we don’t have one of Bloomie’s mayors trying to touch children.  Bribery charges are at least a bit more respectable if you’re a politician, and definitely more expected.  So who wants to start Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors?

Hat Tip to American Manifesto for the e-mail tip.

One thought on “Another Mayor Indicted”

  1. I’d be for an organization called “Gun Owners Against Corrupt Politicians” — that way, all the bases are covered. ;)

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