Bloomberg Gaining Quite a Collection

Here’s yet another illegal mayor. It’s getting to the point I have to check to make sure I’m not getting this latest one confused with someone I’ve already reported on. There are that many. This one is mayor of Tamarac, Florida. Charges are bribery corruption.

One thing is pretty clear. At this point, MAIG has a considerably higher rate of criminality than people who hold concealed carry permits. Think VPC will set up a site about that?

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg Gaining Quite a Collection”

  1. It’s no surprise that MAIG, being an anti-gun organization, is full of criminals. Criminals love nothing more than an unarmed victim.

  2. Maybe you could list all of the members of MAIG that have faced charges or been convicted on a special page here on the blog.

  3. I think it would make for a nice graph, a side by side comparison of the average revocation rate of CC permits with the conviction rate of MAIG Mayors.

    Go back a few years to show how steady the rates are.

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