Obama Pushing New AWB Too?

Obama reiterates his support for a new assault weapons ban:

Speaking alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderón, Obama said he has “not backed off at all” on a campaign pledge to try to restore the ban. It was instituted under President Clinton and allowed to lapse by President George W. Bush.

“I continue to believe that we can respect and honor the Second Amendment right in our Constitution — the rights of sportsmen and hunters and homeowners that want to keep their families safe — to lawfully bear arms, while dealing with assault weapons that, as we know here in Mexico, are used to fuel violence,” Obama said.

Yes, I’m sure our founding fathers would be amazed that a future President would one day think the way you respect the Second Amendment is by banning guns.  If these so called assault weapons are so useless for people “that want to keep their families safe” then why are they so popular among police officers?  Police wouldn’t carry anything that’s not useful for self-defense.

5 thoughts on “Obama Pushing New AWB Too?”

  1. This guy will say anything.

    One of the troll talking points I keep seeing is “No one wants to ban any guns.” But Obama keeps saying this and no one seems to care.

    Countertop’s analysis in the earlier thread is right on.

  2. I believe the real money shot was here:
    “The last point I would make is that there are going to be some opportunities where I think we can build some strong consensus. I’ll give you one example, and that is the issue of gun tracing. The tracing of bullets and ballistics and gun information that have been used in major crimes — that’s information that we are still not giving to law enforcement, as a consequence of provisions that have been blocked in the United States Congress, and those are the areas where I think that we can make some significant progress early.”

    Sounds like he’s referring to the Tiahrt amendment and flat out lying about it.

  3. Lies flow from BHO’s mouth like text on a teleprompter. He used the 90% of guns came from the United States, leaving out the operative “trace-able guns” and the fact that only 17% of the guns seized were trace-able.
    But with the lovefest MSM, lies of omission will never be exposed.
    I want my full-auto weapons from my local FFL. Where are they BARRY??????

  4. Almost as amazing is that the reporter in the quote above asserted that President Bush “allowed” the ’94 ban to lapse.
    Quite a usurpation of the Legislative Branch’s power!- it was a law, and the Congress chose to let it lapse.
    But, when you have a good villan, what scriptwriter could find restraint?

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