In Praise of the Colosimo Five

Monica Yant-Kinny thinks the 5 people who got themselves arrested for illegally and defiantly trespassing on the property of another are heros:

Some reputation. Colosimo’s “values profits over the lives of others,” City Solicitor Shelley Smith wrote in a legal filing last year. “At best, Colosimo’s knowingly continued its abysmally poor business practices after repeatedly being notified by ATF of its guns flowing into the hands of criminals. At worst, Colosimo’s knowingly traffics in crime guns.”

If this were true, Colosimo would be in jail, and the ATF would have revoked his Federal Firearms License.  The fact is the man sells a lawful product under regulation of both the federal and state governments, which allow him to keep operating, not because of lack of oversight, but because he cannot be held responsible because some of his firearms through illegal transfers or theft end up on the streets in the hands of criminals.  What is so hard to understand about this that Monica Yant-Kinney and the editorial board of the Philadelphia Daily News find so hard to understand.   I can understand five deluded and misguided souls believing that Colosimos is responsible for this, rather then the people who rob, murder, and assault, but we should absolutely expect better from journalists.

3 thoughts on “In Praise of the Colosimo Five”

  1. Why would you expect better? I love how the author assumes that Mr. Colisomo should just sign their contract and do whatever they want, so there can be a meeting of the minds. This is the way that liberals work, they assume that their position is reasonable, and yours is unreasonable. Compromise means adopting their position.

  2. ‘(Mayor Nutter’s usual response to this argument: “I have a right not to be shot.”)’

    Is that the same as the right not to be rained upon?

  3. I sure would never be envious of anybody trying to run a legitimate gun shop like Colosimo’s in a city run by liberal idiots like Philadelphia.

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