Obama’s Waffling on Guns

Cam Edwards outlines some Obama’s contradictions on guns:

But if he holds with the statement that he believes in the individual right to keep and bear arms, but the D.C. Gun Ban somehow passes constitutional muster, I think it’s fair to ask (as Jacob Sullum suggested when I interviewed him today) Senator Obama to name an example of a gun control law that he thinks does or would violate the 2nd Amendment. As it stands, Obama’s turning an “individual right” into something the goverment can violate at will.

It’s hard to really condemn Obama on this when President Bush’s own administratation will be arguing the same thing in front of the Supreme Court in a few weeks.  Obama is just lip service.  Bush is lip service, and is willing to throw us a few table scraps every now and then.  I think we deserve better out of Bush that we’ve gotten, and if gun owners fail to push McCain over the top, McCain will only have Bush to blame for it.