It’s Midnight, Where are the Video Updates?

I got all excited! Ruger was going to feature video live from SHOT, starting with Media Day on Wednesday.

Except now it’s turning over to Thursday, and there’s still no video.

Under promise and over deliver. Don’t do the opposite.

UPDATE: Okay, now I’m picking on Ruger.  Video fail.

They pledged video from the show and Media Day on Wednesday.  They did not deliver, but I would forgive that if they ended up cutting a spectacular Media Day video.  What did they finally post on Thursday labeled as Media Day footage?  Stock video of their new revolver.  There wasn’t a single shot of Media Day – shooting, interviews, anything SHOT related – and it was all put together before they ever even showed up.

So count this as a fail for Ruger in use of video.  If it was all stock footage, there was no reason to delay the posting until Thursday and it should not have been advertised by boppy head girl as Media Day footage.

Now that it’s Thursday, why don’t we see how some of the other brands are or are not tapping into the online world to promote their presence and products.

(I remind folks that I’m not actually trying to pick on Ruger here. It’s just that sadly, they are one of the only companies talking about the SHOT offerings on the day most of them become public. I’ll have more commentary on why their competitors are missing the boat completely on this as the week wears on.)

2 thoughts on “It’s Midnight, Where are the Video Updates?”

  1. I’ll sheepishly admit that I had never seen the Gun Broker ads that parody the ads for online dating services before watching Shooting USA last night. They’re great AND they’re available on You Tube.

    You’d think doing this was obvious, but empircal evidence suggests otherwise.

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