Practical Rifle: Kalashnikov

Having never shot any kind of practical rifle before, I got up this morning to go try out one of Langhorne Rod and Gun Club‘s practical rifle matches.  LGRC holds practical rifle shoots once every month, but this match was the one Kalashnikov match they hold each year in December.  I haven’t fired my Kalashnikov beyond 25 yards since GBR, October of 2007, and I shot like it.  Not good.  Had no idea even honestly where my site settings were.  Next time I go, I will make sure I have time to check my shit before walking on to the range and shooting a match.

But any day you get to spend sending hot lead downrange, particularly at steel, is a good day.  LRGC runs a fun, safe, no-pressure match.  They are very welcoming to first time shooters, and everyone there seems to have a good time.  Ran into Dave Markowitz of the Blog O’ Stuff, and was glad to meet him.  Here are our pictures for the day.  I commented in the pictures to give people an idea of what goes on in a practical rifle match, in case they are thinking about attending one (which I would highly recommend).  The pics of me were taken by Dave.

Who says AKs have no sporting purpose!

UPDATE: More pics up over at Blog o’ Stuff.

5 thoughts on “Practical Rifle: Kalashnikov”

  1. Sebastian:

    What kind of ammo were you using in that ’74? Did the match directors/range officers let you use the still-inexpensive 7N6 ammo? Some folks aren’t keen on steel-core (even mild steel) fired at plates! Or were you using lead-projectile ammo such as the Wolf?

  2. I like the guy with the K31. I am reading Stephen Halbrook’s Target Switzerland
    , about the Swiss armed neutrality in World War II, and how they avoided German invasion, and he talks about the K31.
    Maybe when my C&R comes in… cruffle cruffle cruffle

  3. FWIW…I just saw a dusty old box of factory “7.5mm Schmidt-Rubin” at a local gun shop…Norma, I think it was.

    If anyone wants it, it’s at Lock’s Guns in N.E. Philly.

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