3 thoughts on “NJ vs. PA Practical Rifle Match”

  1. Those rifles in the photobucket link are the ones which Obama and Biden would waste no time banning if they get elected this November, because they can all “spray shoot”, which of course makes them into “killing machines”.

  2. Re: “sporting purposes” …

    I am pretty sure the idea of the “no sporting use” people, when stripped to the bone, means “sports that have no use.” In other words, if guns we don’t like ARE used in sports, then that sport would have no use.

    I am about to read an older Kates article, about bigotry and gun control. I think that the ideology of gun control, for much of it’s part, revolves around bigotry.

  3. I’m a member at Langhorne. It’s a nice club for the area, the only one that I know of that goes out to 200 yards. I haven’t participated in any of the practical rifle events yet, partially because I don’t feel that my riflery skills are at the competitive level yet, but that really is a poor excuse.

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