Changing Laws, Changing Fashions

I found this interesting that hunters in England are changing their dress to avoid being noticed.

The huntsman’s red coat – a totemic image of hunting for more than 200 years – is one of the main casualties of the sport since the hunting ban came into force four years ago.

Many hunts have decided to abandon their scarlet (known as pink) jackets in favour of tweed or dark coats in an attempt to be less conspicuous and avoid scrutiny. …

Fear of harassment and malicious prosecution from activists have made hunts significantly more covert. Many no longer publicise the dates, times and venues for meets on websites or even post notices in a village pub or community centre.

Apparently, many clubs will go back to using red coats if the hunting ban is ever repealed.

Will it be repealed?  That’s hard to say.  Obviously, I’m not on the ground to be able to judge the political climate on the issue, but the hunt clubs seem to have some hope.  However, the anti-hunting forces claim public opinion is on their side.  Given that they cite a poll they funded, it’s hard to say how accurate it may be.

3 thoughts on “Changing Laws, Changing Fashions”

  1. Generally it is the hunt staff that wears the red coat or “pinks” Non staff geneally wear dark coats, green, black and tweed.

    I guess originally the red coat was to be visible and so blood would not show like the red coats of the military.

    I really doubt not wearing a red coat will help the hunts club cause. it is a bit hard to hide the activity with horns and horses and the howl of the foxhounds.

    I loved foxhunting but in the US we don’t take it to the kill. No real need since foxes generally don’t make massive depredaion among farmers except those who let their chickens range wild.

    The fun is the chase not the kill. Then the social brunch afterward.

  2. And I was under the impression that firearms were all but banned in Britain. Is the subject of hunting even relevant anymore?
    (Here in ‘The Colonies’, we typically wear camouflage when hunting, and often-times even when not. Let the ‘laws’ try to find us.)

  3. Bolt and lever rifles are legal in the UK, as are shotguns, if you are willing to go through the legal hoops.

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