12 thoughts on “Why I Love Sarah Palin”

  1. The great part about this is Sarah Palin would be doing this even if she was still the mayor of Wasilla! Without a doubt just a great Governor.

  2. Sarah rocks. And, never mind Obama running away from this issue. I can’t see McCain issuing a statement as pro-2A as that.

  3. The GOOD PEOPLE OF ALASKA are chattering about impeachment RE Palin right now.
    I´ve subscribed to some newspapers up there.
    She won´t go back.

  4. To Hank-
    Reports from Juneau, they are resentful that she has been traveling to Miami, to Georgia and collecting her paycheck. You haven´t heard about this? Google the headline, something will come up.

  5. No Hank, I am talking about THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS and THE ALASKA DISPATCH, etc. These are not leftwing blogs. I am referring to periodicals IN ALASKA.
    Critical articles printed ABOUT Mrs. Palin in a number of ALASKAN newspapers.
    Ethics violations, derelict of duty. She is back now, maybe the coverage will pick up?
    I am certainly not making this up.

    TRY-¨WHERE´S SARAH¨buttons printed up in Juneau.
    Or wade through the papers up there..if you find it important, I subscribe to them now.

  6. It’s one thing to be a moron. It’s quite another to be an uncouth, arrogant moron.

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