Cold December Morn

Last IHMSA match of the year today.  A dusting of snow on the ground, temperature hovering right around freezing.  The trailer we keep all the animals in and use to haul them down range had a flat.  Found a spare, put that on, but turns out that leaked air, so no go with that.  Found enough tools between four gun nuts to re-inflate the original tire and put it back on.  We were late getting the animals put out, which was just in time for the temperature to drop and the wind to kick up.  I wasn’t hitting much of anything.  Got a whopping 8 for field pistol, and 18 for smallbore.  The battery in my red dot is low to begin with, but lower it’s temperature to around freezing and I couldn’t really see the thing.  Spent time between relays keeping the battery warm.  Shot a round with rifle (which isn’t sanctioned) just so I could feel like I knocked over some animals for the day.  Only got 21 with rifle.  Wind and cold is a bitch.

2 thoughts on “Cold December Morn”

  1. They make batteries for use in low temps. You might want to look into those. In other gun news, I managed to buy another Kimber 1911 in .45 acp on Saturday (my other one is Kimber 1911 in 10mm). My two Kimbers are practically twins. Then today, I drove down to French Creek Outfitters and bought a Marlin tube-fed bolt-action .22 S/L/LR rifle for $189.99. It has a synthetic stock. A few months back, I picked up a used .243 win. Browning A-Bolt. A few months before that, I picked up a new .243 win. Savage Arms rifle. I tell ya, I’ve bought more guns in the past six months than I have in the 6 years before that.

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