Waaah! Waaah!

Apparently some GOP governors are getting pissy because they think Palin is stealing the spotlight which, of course, rightly belongs to them!  OK GOP governors, it’s time to put on your big boy pants, and stop stomping around in a hissy fit.  If you want media attention, because you want to run for President or something, then run against her in the primary.  It’s how the system is supposed to work.

How the hell are we ever going to defeat Progressives when we have this whiny bunch as the ones who are supposed to show us the way?  God help us.

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  1. Indeed. Haley Barbour did the right thing; like to see Bobby Jindal do likewise.

    Not surprised, though: As someone who lived through two terms each of George Voinovich and Bob Taft, I can tell you there are Republican governors and then there are “Republican” governors. Our real conservative candidate, Ken Blackwell, picked a bad time to run a lousy campaign in 2006 — against Ted Strickland, who is that rara avis, an unabashed liberal Democrat who isn’t totally appalling on gun rights.

    If the Dems were really gutsy, they’d roll the dice by combining the rest of their progressive program with an SNBI position on the Second. It would be the wedge issue from hell, and if it really were “Walter Mitty’s Second Amendment,” as has been claimed by some fairly smart people, we’d find out in a hurry. ;-)

  2. I thought Palin *was* a GOP governor?

    And when are we going to rightly relegate anonymous sources complaining that someone else doesn’t get along with them as “Junior High School Gossip” instead of “News?”

  3. I like Ken Blackwell and voted for him. I wish he had won. But I have to admit that I like Strickland more than I ever liked Taft and I’ve never voted for a democrat that had an opponent.

  4. You should really stop calling them “progressives” when they’re nothing more than liberals with a new name. You’re playing their game and giving them what they want by using their pretty new title.

  5. Why should I let them hijack the word “liberal”? I’m a liberal. They aren’t. There was a time when conservatives were liberal, and now liberals are conservative.

  6. Ok, but “progessive” sounds so well….progressive. and it’s not. Can we just stick to calling them Turds?

  7. And liberal in it’s contemporary context is not what it was was in it’s Jeffersonian context… me thinks.

  8. DJK said:
    “You should really stop calling them “progressives” when they’re nothing more than liberals with a new name.”

    Actually “liberals” were progressives with a new name, and then as now they believed it conferred moral superiority. They’re just going back to the term their ancestors used a century ago — the old is new, again.

    I like turds better, too. ;)

  9. Human nature. These republicans are jealous of the new superstar that burst on the scene. They feel she grabs the limelight. What they don’t realize is that the limelight would not happen without her star media qulaity.

    The GOP needs a counter balance to Obama’s star as the first black president. Palin fills that role. Use it , don’t abuse it.

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