14 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Abandoning Europellet”

  1. I’ve been a 45 ACP snob most of my shooting life, but I have to honestly say that the latest generations of hollowpoint ammo really reduce the superiority of the 45 to something close to negligible. Check out the terminal ballistics of the latest LE rounds from Federal and Speer and you’ll see that the expansion, penetration, and permanent wound cavities are so similar between 9 and 45 that, IMHO, it should come down to what the individual is more comfortable shooting.

    On the other hand, where the military is prohibited from using expanding ammo by convention, the 45 still makes a substantially bigger hole and is significantly more effective than the 9.

    Any chance Philly would sell the 9mm Glocks to the public for a good price? :)

  2. why does the philly gostopo need guns anyway. arn’t guns illigal there. There for they do not need any either.

  3. I’m not holding my breath for a “used, light holster wear” sale on those 9mm Glocks.
    There may be an alternate universe somewhere, where that might happen – but, no. The City of Philadelphia and its agents, like most government units, claim for themselves an exclusive monopoly on the use of force. That the people would possess an equal and potentially counteracting force is unthinkable.
    Understand, citizen, those death-dealing, high capacity, lead-spraying (semi) automatic pistols loaded with cop-killer bullets belong only in the hands of…cops. (snark)
    An interesting side issue from the law enforcement standpoint is that the Department appears to be willing to give up a lot of capacity for greater cross section and heavier throw weight. Any LE folks have a comment on that?

  4. (mm or .45 are the way to go. The .40 Glocks have known problems that hinder reliability.

  5. ParatrooperJJ Said : The .40 Glocks have known problems that hinder reliability.

    That is interesting. Are you talking about the hen’s teeth “KaBoom” issue and reports? I have been shooting two .40 Glocks for years. Thousands and thousands of rounds. I have not once had a reliability issue that didn’t involve problems with my reloads (high primers or sizing issues) or improperly seated magazines, or worn-out magazines.

  6. Umm… guns aren’t illegal in Philadelphia any more than they are in the rest of Pennsylvania. The same goes for concealed carry. The only difference between Philadelphia and the rest of Pennsylvania is that you need a license to carry to carry a firearm openly, whereas in the rest of Pennsylvania, you can carry openly without a license.

  7. Philadelphia really should just be annexed by New Jersey. That’s where it’s heart is….. ;-)

  8. “The .40 Glocks have known problems that hinder reliability.”


    The known problem has to deal with Wide Receivers shoving them into their pants and shooting themselves in the leg. The entire Glock line are among some of the finest pistols made at this time. I own two of them and I am thankful to God that in a gun fight that they will run and shoot without a hitch.

  9. Actually, the .40 and .45 are optional and officers will have to buy the gun themselves.

  10. I was interested in the .45GAP when it first came out. There’s a certain logic to updating calibers in the light of new technology and knowledge. But to my knowledge sales haven’t been great on the west coast and I didn’t want to buy a gun in a caliber that would be scarce in a SHTF scenario.

    On .40 Glock kabooms, I’m still not sure how much there is to that, but if you shoot reloads and lead ammo, pick another gun. Otherwise I don’t worry about it; my own carry gun is a .40 Glock.

  11. I won’t rely on a gun with an uncommon caliber. If the SHTF, 9mm will be common. So will .45 ACP. .40 S&W, I think, will be a round that survives to become ubiquitous. But I still prefer common calibers in a SHTF gun.

  12. Of course, that’s not to say I won’t own one. I have an AR in 6.8mm Rem SPC. But that’s not what would go with me in an “oh fuck” scenario.

  13. Carl – I was speaking of the frame flexing issues with and without a rail mounted light. Several police agencies have had major problems with the .40 Glocks.

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