Ramsey Struck By Blindingly Obvious

Philadelphia’s new police chief, who’s former career involved running the Washington Metro Police force, is at least aware of the blindingly obvious:

“Declaring a state of emergency is fine with me,” Ramsey, the former Washington police chief, said in an interview Friday. “Crime is at an unacceptable level. . . . It’s certainly something we have to get a handle on real quick.”

How Ramsey will carry out the emergency response is less certain. He spent much of last week getting his bearings in his new city – meeting with Johnson and the department’s command staff as well as attending several district roll calls to introduce himself to the rank and file.

So his first act will be to declare a crime emergency.  That’s leadership!  This already is looking like a farce to me.

3 thoughts on “Ramsey Struck By Blindingly Obvious”

  1. Charles Ramsey seems like a nice guy. His performance as a Chief of Police has been, shall we say, less than stellar, at least in DC.

    Good luck with dat.

  2. A ‘State of Emergency’ isn’t the same as a ‘Crime Emergency’.

    One involves a loss of civil rights…

    *snip* I don’t need that kind of trouble… (don’t ask, lets just say it went places).

  3. Ramsey has already told us that when he declares a “State of Emergency” – apparently, he expects to do it quite often – that we will be held over for hours and may work 12-hour shifts.

    Blasting through the city’s budget to may me countless hours of overtime? Sign me up!!! That extension to my house is looking better and better!

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