Kim? Spineless?

A lot of people have said a lot of things about Kim du Toit over the years, but it takes a special kind of person to tell someone who spent time in prison for opposing Apartheid that he:

has been so spineless over the years, and sneered his own derision at good principled men, that he deserves a slap in the face for dropping in here and loosing more of the same himself.

Kim is never someone I would accuse of not having the courage of his convictions.

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  1. Tom left this comment on my Blog:

    I had a fight with that feller on his forums eons ago.

    He advocates a battle load HE PERSONALLY would have a MI carrying out to his Suburban in the driveway, much less out maneuvering as he’s a bit on the hefty and out of shape side of things.

    He abandoned his Zuid-Afrika homeland when both friends and family of mine (I wasn’t born there) decided to stay and fight.

    His service history in the RSA forces primarily involved being in a military band playing bass.

    He can say whatever he wants about you and anybody else but I wouldn’t take it seriously.

    Kim, if you’re reading this, I’m the guy that declined you offering to send me back my money towards your son’s competition arm he hopefully got after your public beg for financial aid following you banning me from your forums. I hope he continues to shoot well and makes the Olympics.

    Best Regards,
    That annoying guy in Hays County, Texas

    FWIW: Anybody living north of the Brazos is yankees anyway, wherever they came from.

    December 6, 2008 3:33 PM

  2. “He abandoned his Zuid-Afrika homeland when both friends and family of mine (I wasn’t born there) decided to stay and fight.”

    Unless one was willing to slaughter the black population of South Africa until it became comparable to the white population, SAs future was/is essentially fixed for the foreseeable future, especially given the global political climate and the tribal scheme of Africa. Anybody who contends otherwise and thinks that staying and fighting would have done anything constructive is a fucking moron.

  3. I wouldn’t say spineless, his belief in himself as sitting on the right hand of God prevents any wavering in any of his opinions. If you said arrogant, close minded, sexist, bombastic jerk, I could agree with that. If you said that he was someone who believed that his sewage smelled like roses, I could agree with that.
    In my opinion, he is another of those people that get a pass from many because he is right on KABR issues, though he is wrong on almost everything else. Goodbye Kim, won’t miss you. JN

  4. Kim sat in prison opposing Apartheid? I do not wish to doubt you, but this is the first I hear of that.

  5. Hopefully without jumping into the current fray……… I think Kim handled himself quite well over there.

  6. There were any number of people who opposed both apartheid AND the ANC tyranny-by-democracy and are still there today. I don’t begrudge du Toit fleeing to the United States. I begrudge him coming over here and telling us what to think and how to act when his own actions have been inconsistent at best. I can think of no one who is quicker to call someone names and yet whines so loudly when his opponents return the favor. He is an international whinge.

  7. I’m not impressed with Kim or his better half.

    I had a run-in with him on his blog about Islam.

    I found him and her to be hypocrites and I quit reading his blog (2 years ago?).

  8. “He abandoned his Zuid-Afrika homeland when both friends and family of mine (I wasn’t born there) decided to stay and fight.”

    And why did your ancestors come here? Just curious.

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