Pirate Attack!

Looks like they went after a US flagged cruise ship.  The captain basically outran the pirates.  Cruise ships can move pretty fast when they have to.  One wonders when the international community is going to realize that disarming people on the high seas isn’t helping this situation any.  The proper response to being fired on by pirates, aside from full steam ahead, is return fire.  Won’t take too much of that before piracy doesn’t pay anymore.

7 thoughts on “Pirate Attack!”

  1. Armed security teams work very, very well in discouraging piracy. A few flares, followed by a burst of .50 cal; they turn their happy little boats around and go home.
    OTOH, I’m not at all adverse to employing Uncle Sams’ Misguided Children. It is, after all, a traditional role for them.
    To the shores of Tripoli….

  2. Saw on Fox News’ website earlier that there’s really no legal way to punish these ‘pirates.’

    So I guess it goes without saying that there’s no legal recourse against anyone who deals with the pirates as they see fit? No holds barred action…

  3. Some cruise ships do.

    Some cruise ships do not. Other cruise ships do not even maintain a watch on the bridge. Thank God they are lit up like gorramed Christmas trees, even at sea, otherwise they might be really annoying.

    As for punishing the pirates, assuming they are operating greater than 12 nautical miles from any shores, there is really nothing anyone can do, aside from shoot the pirates themselves. Territorial waters are a blessing and a curse.

  4. I see a business opportunity, a fast frigate with a helicopter pad and chopper , and some powerboats, weapons – escort duty and charge a fee..

  5. A cruise ship is not a good pirate target too many hostages to control!
    I do think that commercial freighters that are the main targets should have at least a few rifles to discourage pirates.

    I believe the French Navy sent a helo out and chased off the pirates.
    Now a couple of ship guns would do the trick but only navies have those.

    Killing and sinking pirates would be a disincentative for pirates.

    I believe these small boats the pirates use are very fragile to big ship guns. Still are few rifles will discourage the pirates.

    I think the navies have to serious and use the helos guns to destroy these small pirate vessels and let the pirate crew drown.
    There have been several instances where the helos from French, US and Russia have chased these pirate small fast boats, the helos should be able to destroy them.

  6. What is this “international community” you speak of? Ships are owned by either a business or a person. They either choose to arm their staff or they choose to disarm their staff (or some combination of the two). They may choose to disarm their staff either due to business reasons, insurance stipulations or laws.

    I look forwarding to finding out what this “international community” is that passes gun laws for ships at sea.

  7. Ships are subject to the laws of the country they are flagged under. So if you’re flagged under, say, the United Kingdom, you’re subject to the United Kingdom’s gun laws, no matter who owns the ship. You’re also subject to the laws of whatever country who’s waters you choose to sail in, or who’s ports you choose to dock in. So if you’re a Russian flagged ship carrying a tanker of oil from Saudi Arabia to France, you better make sure everything on board is legal in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and France. You can see how this can be problematic for having guns on board.

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