What Philadelphia is Up To in Regards to LTCs

A few years ago the state increased the license fee for a license to carry by six dollars.  Philadelphia kept charging the old rate of 19 dollars.  Now the city is sending out the following letter:


Demanding that people pay the back fees owed, or they will be turned over to collections and have their LTC revoked.  Unfortunately for Philadelphia, there’s no provision in state law that allows a License to Carry to be revoked because the issuing agency charged the incorrect fee.

The PAFOA thread about this topic can be found here.

4 thoughts on “What Philadelphia is Up To in Regards to LTCs”

  1. The real danger here is that if your letter gets crossed in the mail somehow, you could find out that your ltcf has been revoked only after being stopped by the police.

    Innocent people could wind up in jail and forever lose their firearm rights, which I’m sure is the real motivation behind this.

  2. It’s also insane that they require a money order instead of a check. Dropping a check in the mail isn’t a big deal, but going to a bank or Walmart to get a money order made out makes the experience significantly more frustrating.

    I can’t believe they’re threatening revocation over a $6 fee that permit-holders were never charged in the first place. I hope Philly gets yet more pain from the courts on this one.

  3. If it was me? First, I wouldn’t live in Philadelphia. I hate the Eagles, and believe steak shouldn’t have Velveeta poured all over it ;-).

    Yet, for the sake of argument- If I received this letter I would contact my attorney, and ask if I could send his business card back to the agency. I would have lovely note daring them to try and revoke my LTC. I would also use the lovely words “class-action” and inform them that any further “harassment” will lead to more headaches than they can count.

    This is done to harass gun owners period. The city should absorb their mistake and not try and punish its citizens. They have already been doing that with McNabb. ;-)

  4. So, wait, the nimwit retard governmental weenies responsible for this whole mess charged you the wrong amount, and are now threatening you with credit-report-damaging actions and revocation of your license?

    Welcome to America, I guess.

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