Pirate Attacks

Looks like we have a hostage situation.  I’m in favor of paying the ransom to get the crew back safely, then killing the pirates as they try to make off with the booty.  After that, I would attack all their coves and vessels.   It’s a shame we no longer have these in service.  Nothing says “don’t mess with us” than sixteen inch shells.

But we’re in the era of hope change, which means the pirates are likely to get away with this.  Fat White Man wonders why our merchant vessels aren’t armed.  The answer is because most of the rest of the world are afraid of guns, and don’t allow them in their ports in possession of civilians.

UPDATE: Looks like the crew is back in control.  Good to see Americans still fight back.

6 thoughts on “Pirate Attacks”

  1. Hell with a battleship you wouldn’t even need the guns, you could slice the average pirate ship in half with the bow.

  2. Forget the 16in guns. Shoot a couple of cruise missles at them! BA-BOOM!

  3. Hopefully they recover the captain. Iti s important that pirates get the idea not to mess with Americans whether private yachts or commercial shipping. I heard the other day that some pirates mistook a German NATO ship, lowboard that looked like a merchanter, and they got captured. I think a public execution would get the message across. Some have suggested leaving the bodies on a shipping bouy like the English did in Pirates of the Carribean when Jack first entered the port. I know that is Disney but still the historical pracrice of placing heads on stakes did get the message that crime or treason is a bad idea.

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