The Truth About ARs

I’m glad to see outdoor writers clearing the air in regards to AR rifles, and telling the truth about them, including explaining the recent surge in sales. Looks like they interviewed State Rep. Bryan Cutler for this article, speaking of his bill, H.B. 347, which would open the door to legal semi-auto rifle hunting in Pennsylvania:

State Rep. Bryan Cutler, of Peach Bottom, is one hunter and gun enthusiast who joined the AR craze. Cutler built his own .223-caliber AR by getting the various parts and creating a custom gun. “That’s something I just always wanted to do,” he said. Cutler uses his AR for target shooting, and hopes to one day shoot it competitively. “I’ve always had an interest in the three-gun competition, so maybe I’ll get into that somewhere down the road when my schedule allows it.”

In a three-gun competition, shooters work through a tactical course, firing a handgun, shotgun and AR rifle at targets. Cutler also hopes to someday be allowed to use his AR for hunting varmints and predators in Pennsylvania. He’s a co-sponsor of House Bill 347, which would legalize the use of “any semi-automatic rimfire rifle, .22 caliber or less, for the taking of coyotes, foxes or woodchucks,” the bill states. The bill is intended to crack the door for using semi-automatic rifles for hunting here.

I’d work hard to keep any politician that was actually interested in three gun and built his own AR. That’s a rare breed in politics. His bill only legalizes semi-auto rimfire in .22 or less, and obviously we’d eventually like to see centerfire semi-automatic rifles hunting legal in Pennsylvania, but baby steps. Read the whole article. It’s pretty refreshing to see something like this in the main stream media.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About ARs”

  1. Good on him.

    We need Congress to act and attach an amendment to some bill clarifying “sporting purposes” to remove the ability of ATFE to, for instance, not include 3-gun as a “sport.”

    Put another nail in statements about “you don’t need an [insert scary gun] for duck hunting.”

  2. Not a bad article at all , certainly better then the vast majority of gun related articles seen these days. But even this guy, someone that seems pretty firmly on “our” side, gets it wrong when talking about the 94 to 04 AWB. And its been driving me insane everytime I see it. 30 round mags were not banned, only new manufactered ones were restricted. I bought more then two dozen 20 and 30 round magazines for various rifles, completely legally and off the shelf at man gun shops, while the AWB was in full effect.

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