4 thoughts on “And Another One Gone”

  1. Yeah, but the city council’s comments shed a bit more light on it:

    “C’mon, John, Barack won! They’ve only got two more months to even OWN the dang things! We’ll take fifty-five days to enact it, we’ll sell ’em permits with a six-day waiting period – heck, them gunnuts’ll just be FROTHING when they read about this! It’ll be great! We can have a “today you almost coulda owned a gun here!” street party right after they announce about the amendment of the second amendment, and we could all dress up like Elmer Fudd, or one a those White Supremists who’re always fighting for gun rights! And I think we can get Sean Penn to come to town for that!

  2. Raspberrysurprise Said,
    November 19th, 2008 at 3:43 am
    “It was interesting to note that it is still illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits in self defense.”

    Ridiculous. It will not be illegal to discharge a firearm in lawful defense. The state does not even allow gun ban municipalities to charge for violation of said ban, in the event of lawful defense.

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