Fall Fun

In the middle of shooting an air pistol match. 45 degrees out with high winds. Can’t even get the animals to stay on the rails. On top of that, I’m way under-dressed for cold. But, hey, you can’t learn to be a good shooter if you only shoot in good weather.

UPDATE: Well, that’s over with.  Had to take a few alibi shots with the wind.  Shot a 20/40, which is a AA score.  Second match I shot 24/40, which is a AAA.  That’s my third AAA score this year, so it puts me in that classification.  I hope I can keep shooting AAA scores, or it’s going to be a while before I ever win a trophy or plaque.

UPDATE: Tam also opines on the virtues of shooting in poor conditions.

5 thoughts on “Fall Fun”

  1. i spent the day watching the local IPSC shooters in Topton, PA. i can sympathize with you about the wind and cold. the pepper poppers fept getting blown down.

  2. Well done SIr! And yes, shooting in ALL types of weather is good training, but sure as hell if you ever need it, it probably WON’T be 78 degrees, sunny and no wind…

  3. Congratulations!

    I’m trying to imagine compensating for wind drift while shooting an air pistol.

  4. Actually, the wind on the pellet is the minor problem. You don’t get as much drift as you think. The real problem is the wind’s effect on the stability of your shooting position. Silhouette is done offhand, so you start to sway, just like a building in high wind.

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