Silhouette Shoot

I decided to head over to the club this morning and try my hand at International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) shooting.  I’m a long ways off a respectable score, but I don’t think I totally embarrassed myself.  I got at least one on every position.  There is a few things I’ve discovered, though.   One is that my Ruger Mk.III Hunter’s factory sights are entirely inadequate for this kind of shooting.  At 75 and 100 yards, the front nylon dot was larger than the targets.  At 100 yards, my bullets were impacting dirt, because I wasn’t compensating enough for the drop at that distance.  Two is I need to practice more.  I haven’t shot handgun in several months, and it showed.  I also need to learn to slow down and not rush my shots.  I’ve had that problem with our e-postal matches too.  Three, air gun silhouette shooting is a lot more fun than I would have imagined, and it’s pretty cheap to get into.

I think I can definitely up my score next time with a little practice, and a better sight for my Ruger.  I also think I will need to get myself a decent air pistol.  The organizer of our Silhoutte shoot let be borrow his, but I’m told a pretty decent one can be had for under 200 dollars.   I would definitely like to try that again when they resume shooting in March.