A Beautiful Start to IHMSA Season

Today we had our first IHMSA shoot of the year, and it was a beautiful day.

Because I had a wedding to go to yesterday, I didn’t get to hand load for field pistol. Instead I shot smallbore twice, once standing, and once freestyle (creedmore position).  Shot an 18 standing, which was disappointing (Only single A).  I was hoping to do better.  I need to practice more out at 75 and 100 yards, because that’s where I’m missing animals.  The target area you’re aiming for is about the size of a DVD box at 100 yards.  Shooting Creedmore, I managed 28, AA, and enjoyed shooting in that position, though I need to work on making it more stable.  Shooting freestyle, you have to get a perfect score to shoot an International level score.

Then on to air pistol, where I shot in Ulimited Standing Iron Sights with an IZH-46 that our NRA air gun match director loaned to me to decide whether I wanted to buy one (to which the answer is a resounding yes).  Shot a 30 with it, which for USIS in IHMSA is only AAA, but would ahve been a master score in NRA Outdoor Air Pistol.  Shot production with my Crossman 2300S.  It was like going back to driving a Volkswagon after driving a Rolls Royce around.  Only 21 with that, but since it’s a production gun, I’m on the upper end of AA with that score.

I should note that the pistols the big bore shooters use fire rounds which would defeat soft body armor.  Big bore silhouette might seem like a sport, using single shot pistols, would be fairly safe, but it could be under threat again if the “cop killer bullet” nonsense ever rears its ugly head again.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Start to IHMSA Season”

  1. Regarding the “cop killer bullet nonsense rearing its ugly head again,” it has! And more! ABC’s Good Morning America Monday just did another hatchet job on our right to buy guns – this time attacking gun show “loopholes”. And with the recent killings of cops in Pennsylvania, body armor and AP bullets will soon be in their sights. ABC is in Brady, et al’s, back pocket, folks. Look out! I see new unconstitutional gun laws coming followed by tyranny! – Arnie

  2. I just wanted to say, that range seems to have a well thought-out and constructed baffle system. Quite a cut above the “old sandpit out in the woods” approach to shooting range.
    Safety first means a better chance to keep our sport alive!

  3. We’re in a suburban setting, so safety is a must. Actually, our baffling needs a bit of work, I think. But not so much for safety reasons as for the fact that someone my height has a hard time shooting the rams standing full up. The baffles have sagged a bit over the years, and need to be raised a little.

    But it is a very safe range. It would be difficult for a stray bullet to leave the club.

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