Domestic Abuse

Call Frank Lautenberg, because tonight, Bitter beat me.  Twice.  Last week she attended our Thursday silhouette league, and did pretty well.  This week she shot a AAA score of 24 air pistol, open sights.  I did not even manage to shoot a AAA score with Mata Gallina.  If you start shooting competitively, you’ll start getting very good at making excuses for shooting badly.  For tonight, here are the excuses I thought up.

  • I let her win, because I like to encourage new shooters, you know.
  • I gave her the gun that I did a trigger job on, whereas mine is still shooting right from the factory, and Crosman triggers right from the factory are pretty appalling.
  • I wasn’t wearing my favorite shoes.  The shoes I was wearing have a springy air cushion in the heel, which pushes me forward onto my toes, and I don’t get a good stable balance.   Bitter was wearing platform shoes, so this excuse is particularly lame, which is why I’m proud to have thought of it.
  • Red dot sights on Mata Gallina I got yesterday still aren’t quite where I would like them to be, whereas the sight settings on my open sight gun are about as good as I can get them.
  • It was very hot and humid out, and Bitter being from Oklahoma has an unfair advantage.

I could probably think of a few more if I had enough time.  But the fact is she beat me, fair and square.  Naturally this means I need to transfer my pellet trap to the car so she can’t practice while I’m at work.

7 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse”

  1. As long as she keeps beating you and not US…LOL. It was a great match last night and more shooters than we have ever had, we will add 2 extra banks next week and every week until we get the resetables, we were pushed for time shooting 3 relays. Oh we don’t have a BS award at our club yet, but if we do you are in the running….

  2. I object to the last one! We have dry heat in Oklahoma. Before you start in with the “heat is heat” BS, no, it’s not. I was freakin’ miserable during that last match because of the humidity. At one point, I was just pointing the gun in the general direction of down range and firing because I wanted to get it over with in that humidity. I am amazed I hit anything in that last round.

  3. Well at least I am in charge at home…. In charge of the laundry, in charge of the dishes, in charge of vacuuming.

    There will be a meeting of the mens council to discuss yanking Sebastions mans card.

  4. I’m thinking you need to apply the coming principles of government health-care to your matches. Tell her that new government mandate require that you mess up her trigger, screw with her sights, put her in spongy-shoes. Then everybody will be mostly equal.
    If she still beats you, just break her trigger finger and everything will be fine.

  5. Being a proud Okie myself…never forget that planet alignment plays a very big role in the direction the projectile travels downrange as gravitation forces wreak havoc on a lot of my shots.

    1. Having shot the red dot sight gun, I will give him excuses for both the sight being off and the trigger being screwy. I shot it today for a few animals and it was not fun. Of course, neither was the driving rain.

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