Arrested for Wearing a McCain-Palin Shirt?

Check out the video at Bucks Right, of a guy in Philadelphia getting cuffed and hauled off because he wore a McCain shirt outside of an Obama rally.  I always disclaim that these things don’t often present a clear picture, and it could be something happened that offered the officers justification to arrest that we didn’t see.  But this appears to be something to look into at first glance.

7 thoughts on “Arrested for Wearing a McCain-Palin Shirt?”

  1. Amazing. Killadelphia, the city of thugishly love.

    Good thing that right-wing nut wasn’t carrying concealed.

  2. well if being stupid is a crime you should turn yourself in … my god what is wrong with you liberals

    as is proven by our election 51% of america would be in jail right now if stupidity was a crime.

    I recall once many years ago when doing something that the majority didn’t think you had a right to do would get you arrested …. but then again even rosa parks would probibly say we are more advanced a a nation than that….


  3. I’m not a liberal. I’d label myself as a conservative. Regardless of my political orientation, I wouldn’t go looking for a fight. That has nothing to do with my rights. That’s just common sense.

    And obviously 50 percent of people are stupider than an average person.

  4. generally speaking… getting into a dick measuring contest with a cop on the side of the road is a sure way to get arrested… why people continue to do it is beyond me, you will loose every time.

  5. I’ve checked that several times now, just to follow the youtube comments. I think its hilarious how quick the leftie commenters are to say how there must be some context to the video we aren’t seeing that justifies that. Where’s that attitude been the last eight years? I do think, even if an arrest was justified for some unknown reason, that the police officer’s shove and grab was uncalled for. Not battery, but not professional or acceptable either. He didn’t say “you’re under arrest” and then carry it out, he shoved the guy for no apparent reason, then cuffed him for a follow-up. But the left is all for it when the enforcers are working for them.

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