More on the NSSF Video

Sensibly Progressive has a different take on the NSSF AR video from yesterday that I think is pretty interesting. He thinks it’ll be very useful in trying to educate hunters who don’t know much about guns and shooting. I agree it would be pretty useful for that, and it’s certainly not a small problem.

2 thoughts on “More on the NSSF Video”

  1. When I pulled out my AR10 for with it’s 4-12×50 scope for deer hunting last year I got some comments on if it was appropriate for the job. Then they saw how well it took a deer with one shot at 325+ yards and the ease of carry with a combat sling and they started to get a little more interested in where I bought it and the pricing.

    A rifle is a rifle, looks don’t make any difference on if it does the job or not.

  2. Thanks for the link! Now I’ve got to figure out how to get this video in front of my hunter friends who don’t care about the issue …

    From the feedback I’ve gotten, I get the feeling that the reaction from many (not all) hunters on a fellow hunter with an AR would be the same reaction I used to get from jeep drivers when I took my Japanese vehicle off-road before Japanese vehicles became more common on the trails.

    “That just don’t belong here, boy!” Even though I was tackling the same trails as they were — just in considerably more comfort.

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