Barack Obama is my President

I can’t agree more with this message from Bob Krumm and Rightwingprof.  Obama won.  He will be legitimately our President.  The margins were high enough in most of the states that mattered, I don’t think we can attribute it to fraud.  We can attribute it to Republicans sucking.  I am willing to give Obama the chance to govern as the center-left moderate he’s sold himself as.  I am willing to give him a chance to show me he’s not going to come after gun owners.  And I am absolutely willing to start talking about the 2010 elections.  We have an election to win, folks, and we only have two years to get ready.

6 thoughts on “Barack Obama is my President”

  1. Barack Obama did win, but Barack Obama is not my president, same as George Bush is not my president.

    The president leads the executive branch – he does not lead me. There’s a fundamental difference.

  2. May Mr. Obama have a long, illustrious 4 year career and get absolutely nothing done.

  3. That all depends on whether Obama is a revolutionary as some have reasonably feared (and can get anywhere with that, a very big if, not that the New Deal was any picnic for Enemies of the State) or “just another corrupt Chicago pol”.

    If the former, he’s not “my President” as things devolve into war to the knife, while you hand in your guns (as you’ve already told us you will) and in this case you and your loved ones head off to a re-education or extermination camp in Montana.

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