How NRA Fared in District 8

Unfortunately, we lost our presidential and congressional race this election.  It was a bad day to be a Republican, and people overhwelmingly said the economy was their top concern.  But, both our endorsed State Representatives comfortably held on to their seat, and we did oust one anti-gun Democrat in my distrct (Chris King).  We also got a B rated state rep elected over a question mark candidate.  Interestingly enough, I don’t think Obama’s coattails reached down to state level races.  We did pretty well at the state level, overall, at least in my district.

2 thoughts on “How NRA Fared in District 8”

  1. The big win for us in PA-8, and the state in general, is keeping Tom Corbett as our Attorney General. Hopefully, this sets him up nicely for a run at the Governor’s Mansion in 2010. I’m glad that Chris King was defeated. If Bernie O’Neill (my rep in the General Assembly) is the B rated rep to whom you are referring, he won pretty easily. Although the NRA had him B rated, he was also on Cease Fire PA’s list of endorsed candidates. While he is far from public enemy #1, he could be much better. He did support the lost and stolen legislation. O’Neill actually showed up at the polling place where I was working, but I didn’t feel it was the right time or place to state my opposition to lost and stolen – his opponent is even worse on RKBA.

  2. Nah, he meant District 31. A retiring endorsed Republican was replaced with a B rated Democrat. Granted, his big weakness appears to be criminalizing victims of theft by supporting lost-and-stolen (hence the CeaseFire endorsement – that’s their ONLY issue). However, his Republican opponent told a constituent who asked him about his refusal to respond to the NRA that he refused all surveys. Perhaps he didn’t want to sign his name to any position so he could be “flexible.”

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