Barack Obama Bringing Gun Control Back

UPDATE 06/11/2008:

Anyone searching for Obama’s record on Gun Control need look no further than this NRA Fact Sheet on the positions Senator Obama has held over the years.

SayUncle tells us that Obama is bringing gun control back out to the front and center. Maybe this will give the Republicans a chance to win back their majority.

Also, I don’t know what planet Obama lives on where you would a) shoot at deer with a 9mm pistol, or b) that a Glock 19 can hold 19 rounds of ammunition. I carry a Glock 19. The Glock 19 holds 15 rounds of ammunition. The number 19 is the model number you dummy! Maybe if you ever left Chicago and DC, you’d know that.

If the Democrats know what’s good for them, they’ll tell Obama to shut his stinking pie hole.  There’s nothing more wrong than a politician trying to legislate on something they clearly know nothing about.

UPDATE: Anyone looking for Barack Obama’s record on gun control needs to look no farther than here, which documents his anti-gun voting record in the Illinois Statehouse.

UPDATE: Let’s also not forget Obama’s proposal to ban any sales of firearms within a five mile radius of any school or public park.  We call this the Obama Gun Sales Exclusion Zone.   Here on the blogosphere, we’ve been compiling maps detailing what this means for various metropolitan areas.

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  1. i left amerca because the guns made me feel unsafe. i have personally witnessed 4 events where the people involved were so angry they went beserk. in 2 of these events i was in america and bith times guns came out — result: one innocent bystander injured and one angry man dead. the other 2 times were in australia — result: one verbal argument and 1 fistfght and noone was seriously injured.

  2. Yeah, he’s pretty much lost my vote. Although I do try to not be a one issue voter. He’ll have to come out REALLY strong on something else, which I’m pretty sure that he can’t do.

    Tipping point issues for me are guns and abortions. “Unfortunately,” I think that both should be legal. It’s hard to find a viable candidate that agrees with that. (and has more experience than “I ran and lost the following races”)

  3. Barack Obama’s comments about gun control were perfectly logical. Maybe he doesn’t know every detail about how many rounds a Glock 19 carries (who whould really know this or care except some pro- NRA, second amendment twisting, gun loonie who would actualy own and carry one of these killing machines.)
    What Obama said, and it makes good sense, is that the rights of hunters and other law-abiding citizens to own and carry shotguns and rifles should not be confused with allowing anyone who wishes to carry semi-automatic handguns that are made not for hunting or self-defense, but for killing a large number of people in a very short time (As happened at VT).
    The pro-gun group wants college students (and presumably every other group) to be allowed to get their permit and carry handguns onto campus and into the classrooms. Where does it stop? Can any rational person really think that a society that has it’s citizens-college students on every campus in the US, high school students, people in the work force and in bars and restaurants-all armed with handguns, is workable?

  4. “There’s nothing more wrong than a politician trying to legislate on something they clearly know nothing about.”

    Since when did this ever lose them votes? Too many voters are also ignorant and stupid.

  5. John B, in every state that’s passed right-to-carry, and it totals I think 38 right now, there has not been any problem with concealed weapons holders. They have a criminality rate lower than police and make fewer mistakes. That’s not a ding on police, it just reflects the different dynamics at work in self-defense and law enforcement situations.

    I mean, I know some people are uncomfortable with people walking around in public with handguns, it just seems, based on the data we have from the states that have allowed it, that it’s an unjustified fear.

  6. Sebastian you obviously missed John B’s talking points and hyperbole straight from the Brady Bunch or you would have known he can’t be reasoned with.

    ex 1: (who whould really know this or care except some pro- NRA, second amendment twisting, gun loonie who would actualy own and carry one of these killing machines.)

    ex 2: is that the rights of hunters and other law-abiding citizens to own and carry shotguns and rifles should not be confused with allowing anyone who wishes to carry semi-automatic handguns that are made not for hunting or self-defense, but for killing a large number of people in a very short time

    In those two examples he has vilified anyone who knows or owns guns, the guns themselves and misrepresented the purposes of either, all the while pretending he was open to a reasonable discussion, which he had preemptively declared ” unpossible”.

  7. Pray, tell, why the police carry the exact same “killing machines” that “have no other purpose but for killing a large number of people in a very short time?” What are they planning? Obviously, it must not be good since they carry those killing machines all over the place, even in elementary schools.

  8. who whould really know this or care except some pro- NRA, second amendment twisting, gun loonie who would actualy own and carry one of these killing machines.

    who indeed? well, what about a lawmaker who would propose to create legislation that impacted such killing machines?

    i mean, it’s not as if they’re complicated machines. a glock has, what, 35 parts to it not counting the ammo? i can understand if somebody passing laws about civil aviation isn’t themselves a pilot — for that matter, i’m not asking Obama to take up IDPA — but guns are nowhere near as complex as planes. legislating out of ignorance is not something to be proud of.

    …which is another reason why i’m not impressed with all the Brits coming out of the woodwork asking why we can’t just ban all guns like they have. it’s too much like the Pope lecturing about sex; they no play-a the game, they no make-a the rules…

  9. I wonder how many armed gaurds Obama has around him that we pay for. I’ll not vote for him either.

  10. How can you call anyone who owns a gun a nut? It is people who are afraid of guns that are making all the stink about guns. limiting someones access to weapons is not going to keep you from being robbed at gunpoint. There are not enough resources on this planet to eliminate every weapon so that liberals will feel safe. I dont know about you but i refuse to let my family or girlfriend become another statistic because of the over reactions of a bunch of scared people. There will always be guns in this country, that is a fact, you can either become another statistic or get in gear and defend your self. Take a class on the safe operation of a weapon and teach your family. If gun violence happens among young people quit blaming video games and music and take a look at the parents.

  11. Where does a progressive yet slightly conservative atheist fit here? I don’t like Bush but I do like my guns! Our democratic candidate selection is so fricking blah at such an important time. History shows that this country does best with a “middle of the road” leader regardless of party. Wish Arnold could run :-(

  12. +1 on Richardson, he is pro gun and has his own CCW. Don’t write him of yet, there is still time to go. He is probably more pro gun than most of the Republicans.

  13. I wonder who will be responsible when the innocent are dis-armed and the hundreds of thousands who belong to gangs know they will have free reign in the streets? I demand the choice to defend my family, and if my neighbor would rather hide in the closet while his God forbid, wife and kids are being raped and murdered thats his choice. Who will defend us? The aclu? Some people like to praise the elevated societies like Australia, Great Britain etc. for banning guns. I have been told what a nightmare it is for people who have to defend themselves against the perpetrator, even if they raise a stick in self defense.
    History has proven that when the law abiding citizen is unable to defend himself, tyranny and anarchy are soon to follow. You anti-gun folk better get smart. A day may come when that gun owning neighbor may be the only thing between you and having to grovel and beg for your life and your families lives.

  14. I would hate to see anyone attempt to tell that class 3 FFL guy out there that he can’t own his belt fed M-60, let alone for any politician like Obama, Clinton, or even for that matter Romney or Rudy to tell any southerner they can’t own an AR-15. There’s nothing wrong with being a law abiding gun nut, infact I think thats probably one reason why we haven’t been invaded.

    Oh and for the record, I encourage anyone out there to check out and notice that the states with the WORST gun crime, recieve the highest rating from the brady movement for tough gun laws.

  15. Amen Steve. Great post. American gun owners are the MAIN reason we haven’t been invaded. China has over a 2 million man army.

    America has 1.4 million active military and about 1.4 million reserve.

    America has 80 MILLION gun owners.

    Who do you think would win??

  16. China has an available military manpower that’s as large as the population of the United States :)

    “… The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia … ”

    Don’t get me wrong, I think an armed populace is of utmost importance to a free society, but I think the reason we haven’t been invaded has a lot more to do with about 5000 nuclear weapons than 80 million gun owners.

  17. Sebastian,

    Nuclear weapons are obsolete. What would we do, nuke China because they are invading us? Who would build our toys for our children??

    I am talking about Guerilla Warfare in the streets of America as a deterent…an invading army would be massacred by US citizens. Hell, I have enough fire power to take out several thousand myself!

    Besides, you stated “China has an available military manpower that’s as large as the population of the United States :)”

    How are they going to get here, swim??

  18. What would we do, nuke China because they are invading us? Who would build our toys for our children??

    Nuking China if they invaded us would get my vote. There are plenty of people in India who’d be happy to build toys for our kids. They might be kind enough to not use lead paints as well.

  19. I heard China has a surplus of 60 million men. They could be used to invade 20 countries at once.

    I thought the U.S. Navy and Air Force prevented anyone from invading. Unless our enemies are Canadian in origin.

    Just to be safe, we should wall off Mexico and Quebec. Oh, and reinforce Taiwan.

  20. I am a concealed handgun permit holder, and i get so sick of people thinking that banning handguns is going to reduce crime. aside from the government, there are two groups of people who have guns, law abiding people who just wish to protect themselfs, and their families. and then there are the criminals, which if gun control worked, they should have been prevented from having under the laws that are currently in place. if you ban handguns, the law abiding people by definition would turn over their firearms, and then what. an enormous surge of violent crime, an unarmed public with heavily armed criminals, unless you really think they will surender their firearms.
    But, lets just say you could actually get rid of all handguns in america.
    synopsis: A 4 foot 110 pound woman (your mother, sister, wife ,daughter Ect..) is approached by a 300 pound 6 foot man with cruel intentions, with or without a weapon. what could she do. if she had a concealed carry permit and was armed, that would certainly level the playing field.
    I carry a handgun for the same reasons that the democrats use to advocate the gun bans. thousands of criminals ( who by the way purchase guns off the street with no background investigation, ) walking around with guns thinking they have an advatage over everybody, well almost everybody my families life, and my life are very important to me and i will protect them with any means neccesary. a handgun is the best means available, and as long as criminals will carry, so will i.

    There are many ways to die in this world, i refuse to die by the hand of another.

  21. This past August two friends and I were robbed at gunpoint by 6 (black and white) males. All three of us were beaten and my wallet stolen. I have owned guns (2 handguns, 1 rifle, 1 shotgun. I used these at the range for target shooting. It was simply a hobby.) prior to this incident. I now have my CWP and carry where ever SC law permits. To get this permit I had to take an eight hour course where a shooting and written test were given. You must pass both of these test as well as a background check by SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcemnt Division) and the FBI. Come to find out, one of the guys who robbed us was only 17. These guys will find ways to get guns. I like to think that things would have been different if I or all three us would have been carrying.

    By taking my wallet these guys know where I live, work, go to school, and what I drive. I have since purchased another pistol (for concealed carry) and another shotgun (for home defense purposes only). If you want to ban guns, well I have only one thing to say about that. μολὼν λαβέ (Molon Labe) Come and take them.

  22. I am a 20 year old college student who lives in rural Ohio. I have owned firearms since I was 9 years old. I am in avid hunter and active shooter. I am cetified in armed security and I ride with the local police dept as much as possible. As soon as I turn 21, you better believe I will applied for conceal carry. In a passage above, I read that ” The pro-gun group wants college students (and presumably every other group) to be allowed to get their permit and carry handguns onto campus and into the classrooms. Where does it stop?” Who ever wrote this passage needs to do a little more research before writing down a passage as stupid as this. Conceal carry permits law abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm in public, but there is far more you are NOT allowed with a CCl. First off, you are not allowed to carry concealed into a school building of any sort (College Including) unless you are a law enforement official. You are not allowed to carry into places of business or places of worship. If you ard found carrying concealed in one of these places (or the many others that i did not mention), you with lose your CCL and will go to jail. I believe that anyone that abides by the law should be able to own a firearm. Our founding Fathers believed this as well and that is why you can find this amendment in the Bill of Right. Anyone who believes otherwise is entitled to their own opinion, but damn those to hell who try to infringe upon my right to bear firearms.

  23. Brandon, I’m not sure about Ohio, but in South Carolina if you have a CWP you can carry into any place of business that does not SERVE alcohol, unless leagally posted otherwise. And as for churces, it is also legal to carry if propper permission is given. Concealed carry on campus is leagal in Nevada. I would suggest you check out this website ( for more info on concealed carry on campus. This group does not want everyone to be able to carry on campus, just people that have Concealed Weapons Permits. Again, check out the site for more info.

  24. Thanks Jesse,
    Maybe I should do a little more research on that. I know that most places of business that I have ever seen have a sign posted saying it is not allowed. As for church, I couldn’t think of anyone wanting to get permission to carry in church. As far as colleges go, most of (if not all) in Ohio have a college law forbidding it (no matter if a CCL is obtained). I know I spend way too much damn money to go to college just to get kicked out for carrying concealed.

  25. In South Carolina, even if a sign is posted prohibiting concealed weapons, if the sign does not meat legal requirements then it is void. Most of the signs that I run into are not even close to being legal. The one posted at the bank that I go to is only on one door, blue, and is rather small. In order for this to be a legal sign, it would have to be posted on every entrance to the building, be of legal size, and have proper language printed on it. If you would like to see the entire list of requirements for legal signs, research the Law Abiding Citizens Self-Defense Act of 1996, section 23-31-235.

    As for churches, there is still a law on the books in South Carolina stating that a man must carry his rifle to church incase of an idian attack. Silly I know, but still a law. If I attended church on a regular basis I would most definitely ask for permission.

  26. In Texas, you are not allowed to carry inside public offices such as schools, state buildings, churches, any buisness in which %51 of their income comes from alcohol. You are also not allowed to carry into any location in which it is posted at request of the owner or resident not to carry.

    Interesting side fact. Federal Law states no firearms are allowed within 1000 of a school (under most circumstances), but Texas law only forbids entry into a school, and only states that an individual may be punished for comitting a violent crime with a firearm within 300 (maybe 500) feet of a school.

    As for China, nukes, and gunowners… True, we’ve got nukes, China has the ability to shoot our satalites out of orbit, not to mention even if you killed 200 million chinese in a counter attack…. I doubt all of them would be millitary. This is where the Class 3 dude with the M-60 and his basement (not to mention supplies) comes in handy.

    Oh, by the way…considering the fact that the four main names in the running for President are McCain, Romney, Clinton, and Obama…

    …whatever was on that ban list…you know the one that expired 4 years ago, that you don’t have yet…..I suggest you buy. Hi-cap mags, AR’s, AK’s, SKS’s…if it is Obama…ANY SEMI AUTO PISTOL.

    I also suggest everyone set up an NFA trust before you can’t do that either.

  27. Sounds to me like everyone needs to vote against Obama. I also hear that Clinton is also an advocate of gun control. These people are the ones who have never seen a gun, held a gun, or shot a gun before in their lives. Who are they to say that they are a bad thing and that we cannot buy them anymore. And with pistols out of the way, what will stop the crime spree from increasing ten fold. I think these politicians need to focus on other areas of interest like health care and the economy and leave guns out of this. Does anybody know which presidential canidate is against gun control?

  28. Brandon…they have the power, they don’t care what you think. Guns are bad, so lets make everyone feel good and BAN them. My advice to everyone is now is the time to get MAD AS HELL. You WILL NOT ban rifles of ANY kind. You WILL NOT ban ANY pistol of ANY kind.


    Let your representative know who you are! Whether they are demoncrat, or republicrat!

    We the people WILL NOT allow the second amendment to die! For whatever the reason!

  29. If they want to ban weapons, they mise well ban alcohol as well. Alcohol kills just as many people as guns do. And I am for damn sure that those babblin politicians love their alcohol. Maybe if they had to give up something they knew and loved, they might change their minds. On the other hand, maybe not.

    As for getting mad as hell and letting our representatives know..that is definately what needs to be done. We need to let them know that they shouldn’t mess with something that has been our right for over 200 years.

  30. Well, one more weasel off the bus. Too bad this put McCain in the drivers seat. No chance he beats a demoncrat. Not unless he can find a VP candidate with some serious pull… …WHO ACTUALLY SUPPORTS THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

  31. yamamoto, the japanese admiral that planned pearl habor and was the brightest bulb in the japanese tree, said “mainland america can’t be invaded, for there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. i always find it interesting that democrats are all for protecting the right of free speech and search warrants for police, but want to remove on of man’s most basic rights; the right to protect himself and his family. how do democrats intend to ban these guns anyway? they can’t even keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, so what’s the point of more laws? for all those total ban nuts, there is a total ban on narcotics in the U.S., and yet we get cocaine from S. America. what do they think would happen with guns, that crooks would just roll over and play nice? thinking that is worse than not knowing the ammo capacity on a Glock. finally, i would like to point out that the first battle to create this country was when British troops tried to take stockpiled arms from Massachusetts militia. the founders wanted citizens to have arms to protect against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and for those that don’t think that its possible for the government to become “Big Brother”, i would like to point out that Hitler was legally elected, and one of the first things he did was disarm those he would later kill.
    on a side note, what do you guys think of the ruger p-89? i’m thinking about getting one, especially with the impending democrat doomsday

  32. Well said Craig. I have been saying the exact same thing ever since I heard of the idea of “gun control.” There are millions upon millions of good citizens in the U.S. who own weapons and abide by the law. Only a VERY small fraction of people who own weapons are criminals. Just as with drugs, if you take weapons away from everyone, crooks will still get there hands on them and then they will be able to do whatever the hell they want without anyone (except maybe the police) stopping them. What would stop them from breaking into someone’s house and stealing their possessions and even killing them? I believe they should concentrate a little more of their time on trying to keep drugs out of the hands of Americans (especially youth). Keep the gun laws the way they have been and let’s focus on larger goals shall we?

  33. My family once lived in a Eastern Europe where there were very strict gun control laws, only the police or military could use/own any kind of firearm. My parent’s family during the Holocaust where wiped out. Millions of unarmed civlians murdered in less than 10 years… 6 million Jews and 7 million others. My parents, survivors who came to America as refugees were strongly opposed to gun control and in fact were opposed the the Gun Control act of 1968. Clearly gun crimes shot up dramatically until the 1990’s when many gun control laws were reformed. In fact over 40 states now have unrestriced carry laws on the books and felonious crimes have dropped by record numbers.

    I truly believe those who support gun control are either, emotionally disturbed, ignorant or have an agenda simular to those who support genocide.

    In a free society there are risks, there are no greater risk than to trust government in a sheeple society.

    For Obama’s remarks and beliefs in stringent gun control saddens me. I feel for crime victims, however the right to keep and bear arms is a necessity in a free society.

    Yes we need change but no laws which bind the hands of the law abiding.

  34. Wow! I carry a gun everyday…legally. Yet I have not attacked or shot anyone or gone off on rage based killing sprees…I must not be doing this right.

    Banning guns is just one step closer to a tryanny. If you fear guns irrationally, go see a therapist and get out of my damn life! It’s funny when a guy kills a bunch of people with a gun, the gun gets blamed and banned, yet when a guy drives into a bunch of people the car is never blammed or banned.

    You gun grabbers are weak idiots who fear tools. Grow up and come to terms with the facts and maybe read up on some guns so you don’t seem so ignorant.

    Why don’t we just give in all our guns to the gov’t, let crimianls do whatever they want, and act happy about it? Oh wait, that would make us England…

    Hey maybe when the 2nd amendment is gone, they can take our 1st, then we won’t be able to post complaints about the injustices. From there it can just grow worse until we are yet again stuck in a tryanny. Yeah that sounds awesome!

    I normally try not to pick on retards but some of you gun grabbers just deserve so much worse.

  35. I completely agree. I once heard a quote from someone saying “people don’t kill people, guns kill people.” Who the hell is this genius? Sure enough he was an advocate of banning weapons, but still, Guns kill people? I do believe that it is the person behind the trigger who is the actual one doing the killing, but I don’t know. Oh wait, I forgot, my shotgun grew a pair of legs last week and ran off. Must have slipped my mind! Again, let’s not fix something that isn’t broken in the first place. Now I’m all for keeping weapons out of the hands of people who don’t deserve them. Let me reiterate, TO PEOPLE WHO DON’T DESERVE THEM! But I am in now way for creating strict bans on weapons or any limitations on what we can have. I really liked the video clips posted by Craig that shows the results of a study that says taking away weapons actually increases crime rates. Maybe out politicians should view this clip. Hell, maybe they should be robbed at gun point while their at home with their families. That might make them change their minds a little.

  36. People live in this security blanket that is America and many no longer own guns because they don’t feel they need to. Times have changed, we don’t hunt for our food anymore, we buy it “unless we just feel like hunting” Unless they live in a rough neighborhood most people don’t see groups of bandits running around like they may have in the wild west, so they feel safe without a gun. To many the only time they see anything having to do with guns whatsoever is a newspaper article, or news clip about some school getting shot up. Most people never think the worst is going to happen to them until it does happen to them. If a criminal wants a gun he will buy it illegally on the street just like heroine or cocaine.
    Entertain this idea, as with more gov control of your right to bear arms it may soon be a reality. A house is broken into in the night. The helpless family with no gun is at the mercy of this possible killer until police can arrive. He can decide to rape your wife in front of you, kill you, take your possessions at gunpoint, or whatever he wants because he has his gun, but oh wait, you could not afford a gun because the government has made them all but nearly unattainable through legal means except to the wealthy. Take away peoples rights to buy handguns affordably and you will have taken away peoples ability to defend themselves against the criminals who dont give a flying f&^k about rather they have the “right” to buy one or not. They will just buy it on the street anyway because a life of crime is the life they choose. You cannot impose your common sense and rules on somone who will not abide by the laws anyway, you only hurt the people who do use their weapons responsibly and buy them legally. This is only one example, lest we not forget that ww2 was not that long ago and japan said a mainland attack on us would be nearly impossible because all our citizens can bear arms. TRUE we may not need our guns every day, but what happens when we do and most of us don’t have them.

  37. Heres the deal. The last time I checked. We have a slew of laws against illegal drugs. The government spends billions in the enforcement of these laws. If the government made guns illegal tomorrow What would make you think that there would not be a black market for guns as in illegal drugs. If they made the manufacture and ownership of guns illegal You think that foreign manufacturers wouldn’t ramp up to supply guns to this country? Your average high school kid can tell you or knows someone that can buy drugs You don’t think the same thing would happen if you made guns illegal. I live in Chicago, there are areas of this city that are controlled by gangs. There main means of income comes from illegal drugs. They use guns to enforce there turf laws. Not one of these guns are bought legally. Sometimes innocent people get killed in crossfire. When the police try to question the bystanders, no one saw anything. The people then scream for more gun control laws. The problem is them not guns. I’ll agree, that there should be better enforcement of the existing laws. The students that bought there guns at VT and Northern both had a history of mental problems. They have laws to prevent people who have mental problems from owning guns but they don’t enforce them. Why, because any kind of program the government runs, usually gets convoluted and full of bureaucracy. If they make them illegal or hard to get, the only people that will have them are the people that shouldn’t.

  38. Wake up America! Obama tells you what you want to hear. Look at his voting record on guns. The man is not a 2nd Amendment advocate. He wants all you gun owners to stay home in the next election. He wants no repeat of 94!

  39. Yes, Ron Paul has NOT dropped out! And he will NOT support McCain!
    There is a rally July 12th in DC. It is not just about Ron Paul.
    It is about FREEDOM, our RIGHTS, and LIBERTY!
    It’s time people stop bickering over the table scraps that the government leaves us and start “putting their money where their mouth is” by stepping up and taking back what the government has taken from us.

    I am not a gun owner…. yet. I sort of despies guns, though I know it is the people using them and not the guns themselves that are bad. I prefer swords, bows, etc… I mentioned “yet” previously because I see a time that I may have to protect myself because you don’t bring a blade to a gun fight. What do I need protection from? The very last thing anyone would think we would need protection from. The government and their increasing push to make this a police state, tyranical country.

    So yeah, I am definitely all for the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, which was created NOT to limit its people, but rather to limit the power of the government. Now you know why “they” don’t follow the Constitution!

    P.S. I know how to use a firearm. Ex-Army veteran here. I support the troops yet oppose the wars.

  40. in my opinion guns dont kill people people kill people. if someone is so mad they want to kill someone they choose to use a gun and it makes every one look bad. so if they all used a shovel to kill would we ban shovels or even knives?? i think a firmer backround check would help more than any type of gun ban or law. even if the US decides to completly ban guns will it really solve anything?? stolen guns and guns on the streets will always continue. if we are somehow forced to hand our guns in dont you think it will boost the number of guns on the streets? most acts of violence are caused by guns on the streets not guns in the home.. hand guns are for mostly for home,car protection and sport. it would be very hard to pull a rifle out if somebody breaks into your home. i have a hand gun >> a springfield xd 45acp 13+1 round semi-auto…. id really choose to have 14 chances of hitting someone who breaks into my house then a bolt action rifle with 4-5 rounds tring to move the bolt….but all of this is in my opinion….

  41. Well…. I think we’re missing the important parts. I have been raised around guns, was taught to shoot a gun at a very young age and would never hesitate to shoot someone in cold blood if it ment protecting myself, my husband, my son, or my family. I believe we have the right to carry guns and I believe that is what most people on here believe as well. However, what about the person that came into my house w/ the intention to hurt me or my family? He OBVIOUSLY does not have the same morals as I. What, prey tell, do we do about him? Wait until he shoots someone or murders someone to sentence him? Wait until a child gets a gun and shoots up a school because he was mad? Wait until a gang member shoots at another and an innocent bystander is murdered? What if we could make it where good responsible people are protected and their rights to own guns are as well, all while making it harder for “bad” people to get ahold of a gun and making our nation more safe. I think, as a whole, people in our nation don’t teach their children the importance of gun responsibility and in turn, we have more people becoming more and more reckless. I am very much for our right to bear arms and I am very much NOT for an all out ban; however, I am for making our nation a safer nation for everyone to live in and I think that’s what Obama’s intention is. Do I think he knows as much about guns as I do? No. But I think he probably (since living in a big city) knows more about street violence and gun violence than I do. Bottom line… Guns don’t kill people… People kill people.

  42. You can’t make it harder for the “bad person” to get the guns…. If they want them….they get them. Period.

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