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Nice comments going on in this thread.

I still don’t understand the gun nut element. I have own a substantial number of firearms for my entire adult life and have never once worried that anyone was going to come to my front door and ask me to turn them in. What is this paranoia?

“If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in — I would have done it.” – Senator Diane Feinstein.  Maybe because you haven’t been paying attention for the past 20 years.

This is how fucktarded they’ve become. A guy who founded a gun company isn’t safe from the knuckledraggers. I just hope he got the world’s biggest platinum parachute.

But I thought golden parachute were horrible?  Oh yeah, only when it’s CEOs of big bad evil corporations.  I’m not up on the difference yet, I guess.

Fucking stupid. Republicans would cut off their noses to spit their faces. If he had endorsed McCain and Palin, nothing would have happened. But one utterance of support for a Democrat (especially Obama) and it is over for him.

There’s a reason for that.

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  1. I’ve made it part of my life’s mission to never pollute my DNS cache with Cole’s URL. That fever swamp makes Kos look somewhat sane.

  2. It’s really funny. The Left invented the boycott over the last 50 years. Boycott Grapes, Boycott WalMart, Boycott (Fill in the Blank). Now when other groups start to use the tactics they pioneered, now it’s called McCarthism and evil.

    Let’s face it, as far as they are concerned, we have no right to advocate for our views and have no right to express them. That’s blatently obvious in the way they react when their own tactics are thrown back in their faces.

    Well they just better get used to it. We aren’t going away and we are going to fight to stymie and reverse everything they do.

  3. Reading that lovely string of comments made my commenty hand tingle. But I can’t bring myself to do it. I know what it would look like, and I don’t have that kind of time.

    I hope that doesn’t mean I’ve given up in some way… but I do wonder.

  4. wow, take a look at “binzinerator”…

    does he have any idea what he’s talking about?

  5. gee, things would have gone a lot more smoothly had the Democrats decided to abandon gun control completely…

  6. Anti, I felt the same way. If they would just leave us alone it would be a non issue.

    Then I remembered people like Carolyn McCarthy whose sole purpose in life is to ban guns.

  7. I read those comments, and I think that the pessimists are right.

    I made a bet with my roommate this morning: If this election results in the Democratic Party feeling as though they have a “mandate” (ie. they take the White House and Congress, with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate) , then 2008 will be the last Presidential election in 50-state USA via the Electoral College.

  8. Because you can forget flyover country if that happens.

    Errr, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make….

  9. Sorry, that wasn’t very clear. I’m just saying that without the EC, parts of the country that are considered “flyover” will be totally ignored. There’s not enough reason to include them in campaigns – You can pretty much effectively win the presidency with the coasts.

    Of course, we should also just consider the winner of the World Series which team had more hits, not who won the most games. It makes as much sense.

  10. But Robb, should that occur… it would require a constitutional amendment… which is possible, but difficult to pull off..

    after it were enacted, we would probably see a radical change in the number of stars on the american flag… some of the old circle designs were nice.

  11. Robb,

    I don’t think that is the point Tam is trying to make. I suspect it is far more bleak along the lines of there won’t be 50 states around to have an election with. Hence no Electoral College. Unless she is implying one of the “mandates” of the Democrats would be to implement direct democracy and eliminate the Electoral College entirely. That would require a Constitutional Amendment and there is no way in hell that’s going to pass with a supermajority since the very reason you mention (flyover country) would never go along with it.

    I think she is arguing along much more destructive lines in the sense of this country starting to come apart at the ideological seams and split along their geographic lines.

    I hope she’s wrong too.

  12. “I think she is arguing along much more destructive lines in the sense of this country starting to come apart at the ideological seams and split along their geographic lines.”

    Isn’t Texas pretty nice around this time of the year?

  13. Yep, it sure is. Many a time I’ve thought it being the Republic of Texas again as opposed to one of the 50 United States wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

  14. Never liked Texas myself. but if BHO’s our next president, I may have to endure it.
    Hey, how’s Alaska?

  15. I’d just say that the way they’ve already locked-up and dis-included California in gridlocked gerrymander, the last two elections have not included the Electoral College.
    Want to see Balkinization, it’s here already – from the uniformity of Liberal Coastal Elite Megalopolis to the feisty gun-toting mountain counties – try moving from the Bay Area up to Shasta County and see what happens.
    So all you 49-staters enjoy!

  16. I’m a former resident of Humboldt Co. Good folk up there. We all wanted to split CA in half. Funny thing, now in IL we’d like to do the same…

  17. It wasn’t that long ago that California cops really did go to people’s doors and confiscate their guns. The state had declared certain types of guns to not belong to that nebulous and nefarious category of banned “Assault Weapons” and then changed their minds later and used the registration records to go round them up.

    And that’s during normal times. Let’s never forget what happened during the Katrina aftermath. Door to door confiscation. Here in the USA.

    It has happened in this country. Not on a nationwide scale (yet) or for all guns (yet), but rarely do confiscation or even bans come in one fell swoop. It was only 40 years ago that you could buy almost any gun mail order with no questions asked and not too long before that when you get full auto firearms and silencers the same way. Now it’s more and more background checks (to include denial for unpaid parking tickets, income taxes, or child support), waiting periods, approved weapons lists, processing charges, training requirements, smaller capacity magazines, purchasing quantity/frequency limitations, scary looking gun bans, private sales bans, etc.

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