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Here’s some video from the “Victory in Pennsylvania” rally we attended on Saturday afternoon in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  It was attended by 7000 people, according to media reports.  That’s not bad, considering how small the venue is.  The Sportsmen’s coalition were given prime spots.  Showing here are Tom Manion, candidate for Congress for PA’s 8th district, Attorney General Tom Corbett, Governor Jane Swift, Governor Linda Lingle, Senator Arlen Specter, Senator Lindsey Graham, John, Cindy & Megan McCain.  You will notice in the crowd, there are hand made signs mentioning guns, and several sportsmen’s signs.  These are the advantages of getting active, and showing up early to help make signs.  The orange sign that says “I will keep my guns and my money! Obama can keep the change!” is one we made.  It had prime placement for media coverage.  Rallies are 100% political theater.  The speeches are mostly talking points and “Go Team!”.  But you can make a real difference by getting involved.  McCain might be ducking bringing up the Second Amendment, but it’s right there in the audience, for the media to see, thanks to Bucks County Sportsmen.

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  1. Do you have any positive reasons for voting for McCain (in the sense of specifically voting for McCain as opposed to just voting against Obama)?

  2. Competent prosecution of the “Global War On Terror”.

    E.g. with Iran so close to getting enough weapons grade U-235 to build the Chinese 44kT uranium implosion design we got copies of from Libya (right down to the factory floor instructions, e.g. “torque this bolt this much, use this type of threadlocker (Loctite)”), we need someone with more than a few clues in the Oval Office.

  3. What Harold said, and he’s always been an advocate of controlling government spending, unlike the current occupant of the White House. Arguably he’s about the same as Bush on guns. Generally supportive with some flaws in his support. I would argue he’s better, because Bush came into office supporting banning some guns. McCain doesn’t believe in high taxes. I actually like hi health care plan.

    That said, the guy isn’t a libertarian. He’s not above using the state to do things most libertarians think the state ought to stay out of. His biggest sin, campaign finance reform, is an example of this.

  4. I have my issues with him and there were times during the rally where I didn’t clap because I didn’t agree with what he was saying.

    That said, the man is an obvious choice when put up against Obama. Not to mention his wife isn’t an angry, racist, socialist who also happens to be batshit insane.

    I’m glad I was able to come out. Thanks for the invite.

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