Jim Shepherd on The Cooper Incident

Jim has an interesting take on the events of last week at the bottom of Today’s Shooting Wire.  I agree with his observation:

As I said, Cooper exercised his individual right to support a candidate. Unfortunately, his making that choice very public had very public consequences. When asked if I felt it “right” my response was simple “Is it right? It just is. It’s the way it works. It’s absolutism.”

It’s not right, it just is.  That’s a pretty good way to describe it.

2 thoughts on “Jim Shepherd on The Cooper Incident”

  1. My next door neighbor owns his own business. While he’s very conservative, he will not donate to a candidate or put up a sign on his property.


    He knows it could affect his livelihood – no matter who he supports or donates to. Cooper should have been as smart as my neighbor.

  2. Why is this so hard to understand? Cooper has every right to support whom he likes. I have every right to avoid his products, now that I know how he spends the money he makes. This is not some Darwinian ‘value-neutral’ law of physics that ‘just is’. That’s Bulls**t. That’s an excuse, so you won’t have to feel icky (or pick a side).
    Both Cooper and I are absolutely ‘right’ in our respective positions.
    The only one’s who are ‘wrong’ about this, are the ones who want to have it both ways. Well, too bad. You can’t.
    I’m sorry you guys are so squeamish about Cooper employees losing their jobs, but I didn’t do that to them.
    Their idiot boss did. He could have had a drug problem, or a gambling problem, and run the company into the ground. Happens all the time. Instead, he had a ‘failure to appreciate the priorities of his very specific customer-base’ problem.
    The failure of his company is on him and him alone. Not those of us who chose to shun him for his transgressions.
    And hey, if you don’t agree, call him up and order a rifle.

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