Off to Canvass

We’re off to walk some precincts here in Bucks County on behalf of our NRA endorsed candidates.  I took today off work to help out.  The Obama Campaign is bringing people in from out of state.  I actually live with the people I’ll be canvassing.

3 Responses to “Off to Canvass”

  1. OryGunner says:

    When I signed up for McCain campaign Email alerts a month or so ago, I received a notice that the McCain campaign needed helpers in other nearby states (They must’ve figured Oregon was a lost cause), and they were looking for volunteers to travel on their own nickel, with no provided accomodations, for help the week or so before the election.
    So don’t think the McCain campaign is above pulling people from other states either…

  2. TexasFred says:

    Can you shoot the *out of staters*??

  3. Bitter says:

    It’s not wrong to bring in people from other states. I think it’s ideal to have neighbors canvassing neighbors, but I don’t have a problem with folks from safe-for-one-party states to go help out in another.

    The issue we’re having here is that the out-of-staters are the ones who seem to be destroying signs and vandalizing property of McCain supporters. It’s all in context.