The DOJ Response in NPS Brady Suit

Some folks have asked about the DOJ response in the case the Brady Campaign have brought against the Department of Interior over the National Park carry rule.  For those of you who are interested, here it is.  I’ll update with later with any thoughts I have on it.

UPDATE: It appears that NRA  and Mountain States Legal Fund filed a Motion to Intervene.  What this is, essentially, is NRA and MSLF asking to become a party to the lawsuit.  DOJ, in this brief, is asking the court, that if they grant the motion, that they limit the intervention, so as not to “unduly multiply or delay these proceedings.”

I could be wrong about this, but it looks to me like DOJ would rather NRA and MSLF not be involved in the case, but don’t really have any legal grounds to argue they shouldn’t be.  The consequences of the limits being asked for is that the NRA and MSLF will be limited from seeking “discovery or extra-record consideration,” basically meaning they won’t be able to demand documents and other items from the agency in an attempt to build a case.

One Response to “The DOJ Response in NPS Brady Suit”

  1. Carl in Chicago says:

    First, this is not the DoJ response that I believe the Brady Campaign eluded to in their press release.

    But my read is similar to Sebastians … in a nutshell, I gather that the DoJ simply doesn’t want the NRA or the MSLF expanding this rule … or the issues involved in it. They are not saying the NRA or MSLF cannot intervene … because they obviously would meet the four criteria for intervention in these cases.