Never Here

What two brothers are going to in order to get their permits approved for getting pistols before a ban goes into effect in Ireland.  Doesn’t look good. How would you like to find yourself having to do this?

“[IPSC’s] not in the Olympic arena?” the Inspector asked. “No,” the applicant replied.

“I’d like to say that the Superintendent might have had concerns at the level of security but that wasn’t being mentioned to us at any point,” he said.

His brother took to the stand and described a Glock pistol as a semi-automatic 9mm firearm which is used in competition.

He said the gun is “popular because it is reliable and cheap”. “Is it fair to say it is easy to conceal?” Inspector Ruane asked. “If you were wearing a trenchcoat it would be easy to conceal any gun.”

The Inspector told him he was engaging in semantics and put it to the applicant that a Glock pistol is “the weapon of choice to criminals in this jurisdiction.”

The applicant said he was entitled to a licence under that legislation in place in October, 2008. “You were entitled to be considered for the licensing of a firearm” Inspector Ruane clarified. The applicant agreed.

Yes, before a judge, being treated as if you might be a common criminal, just because you want a Glock to do IPSC competition. You might hide it under your trenchcoat, you know. It’s the “weapon of choice” for criminals. Where have we heard that before? Never here.

7 thoughts on “Never Here”

  1. Any time a police officer claims X is “the weapon of choice for criminals”, it should be demanded that he provide evidence (such as arrest confiscation records) to prove it.

    Practically, such a demand is rarely possible, but it should be

    (It’s not 1994, and the Gangsta Rappers want their tropes back!)

  2. Using Garda Superintendent Anne Marie McMahon’s own logic, if auburn-haired Irish women were the prostitutes of choice of the men of Limerick then she should by all rights be banned from the City of Limerick. It makes as much sense as what she concluded regarding the Glock and Sig Sauer.

  3. Arr noo Richardson, sure then ye’re not saying she’s a prostitute, but only that she’s concealing the equipment to be one? Under the trenchcoat, aye. Lad, I like your reasoning.

    Back in the day, Thompsons grew on trees on that island.

  4. The new law was specifically designed to prevent competition in IPSC and IDPA.

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