It’s Vandalism You Can Believe In

Came back from the McCain/Manion rally to find our McCain/Palin sign had been ripped off the holder, and the holder bent beyond recognition.  Fortunatly, we have dozens of holders since a lot of people we hand out signs to just want the sign without the holder.  A little duct tape, and the sign is fixed and back out.  I’m tempted to pepper spray the sign now!  I will be compiling video of the rally later.

15 thoughts on “It’s Vandalism You Can Believe In”

  1. He doesn’t want to get sued in case the vandal suddenly decides that stinging eyes for a few minutes is worth several thousand dollars, regardless of the fact that they were committing an actual crime in the first place.

    I wanted to put out a sign asking Obama supporters to please stop destroying our property and noting that the police would be called. Then came the idea of warning that we will exercise our 2nd Amendment rights for any vandals, but then that could turn some voters off.

  2. My McCain/Palin signs were stolen on mischief night (Oct. 30). Apparently, by an equal opportunity thief. I noticed the neighbors ‘Obama sign was missing as well. Luckily, I kept the McCain sign I got from you at the Valley Forge gun show in reserve and it is now in my yard.

  3. I saw a cool video on YouTube once of a guy who rigged a hi-power water cannon up to a motion detector to stop people from cutting through his yard. I can’t find it now, but it was fun to watch. Solved the problem too.

  4. My McCain/Palin sign was removed from my front yard on the night before Halloween, October 30th. So was an Obama/Biden sign across the street from me, but there was another one of each on the other end of my street which were not touched. I found my McCain/Palin sign not that far from where I had planted it while I was out walking my dog on the morning of Halloween. I promptly put it right back where I had it originally, and it has not been disturbed since then.

    Just this morning elsewhere in my neighborhood, I noticed that someone has apparently sprayed black paint over both sides of two different McCain/Palin signs on the front lawns of two different houses which are on opposite sides of the road from one another. I have yet to see any sort of vandalism like this on Obama/Biden signs anywhere.

  5. If I were you I’d say that I was spraying it to keep local critters away……

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