Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

I’ve been paying attention to the number of signs going up around our area during this campaign, and it’s not news that those going up are overwhelmingly GOP signs. What I find startling are the people who are putting up signs.

One property owner on a major road just a mile or so away has never put a single political sign up in all the years I’ve been visiting or living with Sebastian. He now has a massive plywood sign taking up his entire corner for the Republican congressional candidate – Mike Fitzpatrick.

Several homes in our neighborhood have never had political signs up before, and they are now sporting signs for Fitzpatrick, and for the Senate candidate, Pat Toomey.

Almost every house with McCain signs out in 2008 has at least two more GOP signs out this year. Unlike 2008, I have yet to see a single Democrat in our area put up a sign. The only signs we’ve seen for Democrats have been posted by the campaign on public property instead of private lawns. I really didn’t see much in the way of bumper stickers when for Republican candidates in 2008, but now I see them on a few cars parked around the neighborhood.

To say there’s an enthusiasm gap in the signage is an understatement. I know the ultimate sign will be the results on election night, but so far, things are looking pretty good here in Lower Bucks County. In the meantime, I’ll take some time to also enjoy this snippet from the NYT on the Democratic incumbent’s attempt to campaign in the darkest blue portions of the district and getting yelled at by nearly everyone in the neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs”

  1. We seem to be about evenly split on signs in Central Florida; I’ve wondered if people are afraid to identify their houses with the GOP. Small number of Grayson signs in the neighborhood, which is useful: now I know which neighbors I can’t trust.

  2. Don’t get cocky.

    Sorry, but I’ve seen many elections stolen by the Dems and they certainly have nothing to lose by doing it again. The Stupid Party ™ is still an expert of stealing defeat from the jaws of victory.

  3. I’m excited to see that the Republicans will likely take over, but I’m trying not to get cocky: I don’t trust that the Republicans will do the right things. Indeed, I sort-of expect them to do the wrong things.

    The only reason why I have reservations is that this has been a season of “Tea Party Rebellion”–there’s zeal of some sort in the air. Whether it’s enough zeal to change the Republican Party, or not, remains to be seen.

  4. I’ve seen the same thing here in Delaware County, plenty of Republican signage, ZERO Democrat stuff.

  5. As we’ve looked at the signs in our neighborhood, we’ve noticed something interesting: a lot of signs don’t have party affiliation, but of those that do, they are almost always Republican.

    We’ve had to look up politicians to discover what party they belong to.

    Whatever happened to the (D) logo that was supposed to save the Democrat Party?

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