I’m the Monster

So according to various visitors to this blog over the past few days, I am a horrible monster for exercising my free speech rights to tell other gun owners not to buy Dan Cooper’s product (resulting in the board and employees asking him to step down), but I wonder what they have to say about what these people are doing.

14 thoughts on “I’m the Monster”

  1. Well, to be fair, simply putting up the images is not really that big of a thing – anyone can drive by your house and take a picture of it (hell, Google just did that with about 90% of the country).

    The question is what they were encouraging people to do with the information, and now that the particular webpage that had these pictures redirects to Drudge, amusingly enough, I guess we will never know.

  2. Any gun-owning, or gun-rights oriented person who votes for Obama isn’t using their whole brain-elevator to get to the top. They’re stopping a few flights short – somewhere around the emotional Mezzanine.

  3. On a few occasions I am a man of few words, this is one of them…

    If you vote for Obama, if you SUPPORT Obama, if you think that Obama is not going to come after the guns and blow free speech away in one fell stroke, YOU are an ignorant douchebag!

    Sebastian, keep on hammering man, non illegitimi carborundum est!

  4. You asked people not to buy a consumer item. The Seattle paper was basically encouraging vandalism. Big difference. You’re not the monster. Sleep well tonight.

  5. AH, reasoned discourse, as noted the article redirects, but their “slog” (shit blog?) has something on it…with closed comments.


    Comments closed, article falls into oblivion. People need to learn to SAVE screenshots of this crap as it WILL go down the memory hole as soon as they’re caught…hell, even a web archive (.mht file) would work.

    I hope vandalism, and a lawsuit aimed at the paper comes about. Just like I support lawsuits targeting papers who print names of CCW holders. Either by the holders or the non holders when they’re the victim of crime.

  6. They wrote the article Anomalously, bravely sending their minions out while just being vague enough to avoid lawsuits and stay safe. They must have remembered that a lot of Palin supporters have guns?

    Should have just linked to this last time. Much better sarcasm than mine.

  7. “but I wonder what they have to say about what these people are doing.”

    Duh. Don’t you know that free speech only applies to them? Obviously you haven’t gotten your Obama Constitution Decoder Ring yet..


  8. Sebastian, heaven knows we’ve disagreed in the past, but you’re spot on w/r/t Cooper. In fact, you might have let him off easy. ;-)


  9. My goal wasn’t to get Dan Cooper fired, although I don’t blame the employees and board for asking him to step down. I would be curious to hear Dan Cooper’s side of the story on this one. I just don’t get how, as a gun manufacturer, you can support Obama. Not just support Obama, but go on record in USA Today and tell everyone you’re a gun manufacturer that supports Obama.

  10. Sebastian, my fellow Pennsylvanian, gun toting, politically active friend…..you are not a monster. IF your article was partly responsible for the ousting of Cooper for his supporting of a Socialist than Kudos to you. That does not make you a monster it makes you a great American whom informs their fellow man and woman of what is happening to their gun rights and exposing those who try to take them. I for one am grateful because if their is a piece of gun news that I miss I know that I will catch it here.

    If you are a Monster than what the hell is that Socialist Obama and those who support him (such as Cooper). And what did people expect? The CEO of a gun company supports a gun grabbing politician and people expect gun owners and buyers to roll over and ignore it? What morons.

  11. Even more congratulations are in order Sebastian. The story has managed to spawn an epic gun thread at Fark. Just be sure to put on your flame-proof suit before you enter..

  12. Kudos Sebastian!

    When someone who functions in a role of a company comes out in support of someone who seeks to undermine our rights, it is our duty to hold them accountable. Obama is the antithesis of the freedom which we enjoy, and any one in the industry that backs him should be criticized for their profound lack of judgement. If Cooper wants to support Obama, then more power to him. Yet, if he wants to do so in the role of an industry leader, then we have a right to hold him to task through his company.

    Good work!

  13. You’re being reasonable and appropriately activist, Seb. Those who attack you reveal much more about themselves than they do about you.

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