At An Undisclosed Location in Near Scranton …

… perusing through a friend’s collection of Mitch Rosen holsters, I discovered Bitter is a closet holster sniffer.  Hardly a holster went by that went unsniffed.  I have to admit, quality gun leather does smell pretty good.  My kydex holster smells more like dryer lint in comparison.  The day planner on the table is actually not a day planner, but a carefully crafted holster that holds my Glock 19 and a spare magazine quite nicely.  That could come in handy.

Mitch Rosen Table
Mitch Rosen Table

6 thoughts on “At An Undisclosed Location in Near Scranton …”

  1. She sounded perfectly normal on NRA News. (and she does good detective work.)

  2. If you ever alter a kydex holster by cutting or sanding it, the “dryer lint” smell will be upgraded to “rotting sulfur-charred flesh in the darkest pit of hell”. Of course, leather holsters worn daily in humid environs tend to become rather stinky as well.

  3. Not sure which smells better, a saddlery or a tobacconist shop. (And I don’t smoke).

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