Galco Fail

Steve of the Firearms Blog has a case of accidental discharge due to a malfunctioning Galco holster. Looks as if the leather got a little too soft and pliable. I’m partial to Mitch Rosen‘s work for leather, as I have one of his pocket holsters, but I carry kydex holsters by Comp-Tac for non-pocket carry. I’ve seen all kinds of things go screwy with holsters. It’s a good idea to check them for issues fairly regularly.

3 thoughts on “Galco Fail”

  1. Hard to say… the leather looks a bit thin to me. I have a Galco Royal Guard that I never carried very much, but it has much thicker leather.

  2. This has been covered elsewhere, so I’ll just say the same thing I said at Uncle’s:

    It’s NOT a holster problem, it’s an OWNER problem.

    I can’t say I didn’t know the crease had been formed in the holster. I trained myself to be sure that when holstering, to make sure the gun was fully in the holster, with the trigger protected.

    He knew about the improper condition of his equipment, and rather than replacing or repairing it he simply made a practice of compensating for it – until one day he didn’t, and had an ND.

    The material, construction, and quality of the holster are all irrelevant. The firearm he carried, and the presence or absence of any manual or grip safeties, is irrelevant. He continued to use a broken safety device (the holster), and paid the price.

    Fortunately, neither he nor his wife, or any innocent bystanders, were injured or killed.

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